What is MonaCoin?

MonaCoin (MONA) is an open-source peer-to-peer payment network. It was pushed into the spotlight when it was included on WBS TV Network Tokyo, which announced a man buying a plot of land in Nagano with MonaCoin. The possibility of MonaCoin was imagined from a Japan-based release board called 2-Channel by a client who passes by the handle of ‘Mr Watanabe’.

All Time High/Low?

  • All Time High – $20.23 USD (Dec 06, 2017)
  • All Time Low – $0.019599 USD (Jan 14, 2015)
  • 52 Week High / Low – $3.79 USD /$0.458809 USD
  • 90 Day High / Low – $2.45 USD /$0.718492 USD
  • 30 Day High / Low – $2.45 USD /$1.10 USD

How MonaCoin Works?

Like Litecoin, MonaCoin was initially planned to utilize script as its hashing algorithm however has since changed to a calculation called Lyra2RE. Like script, the new algorithm is likewise Proof of Work (PoW) yet is significantly more ASIC-safe, which means it is difficult to create mining equipment devoted to mining coins with its calculation. MonaCoin is a completely conveyed instalment framework and depends upon not many outsider frameworks, in contrast to far most of all different digital forms of money. A sum of 25 MonaCoins is mined every 1.5 minutes. MonaCoin has demonstrated itself to be entirely dependable throughout the years, never having endured a hacking occurrence, and the decency of its dispatch makes it even more solid.

Why MonaCoin?

Fast transaction processing: The square time for MONA is 1.5 minutes, making it approximately 6 and 2/3 quicker for processing payments than bitcoin.

Across the board reception: As one of the more established digital forms of money still in presence, MonaCoin appreciates a strong, devoted client base and impressive dealer selection all through Japan. In March 2018, a Japanese land designer declared they would before long acknowledge MonaCoin as an instalment strategy.

Devoted people group: Not dependent on a group of “center” engineers or outsider framework, MonaCoin is primarily upheld by its locale, which is steady and sizeable, considering the coin has delighted in a presence of right around 5 years.

How & Where to Buy MonaCoin (MONA)?

Purchasing MonaCoin (MONA) for assets from your bank requires a 2-advance procedure. You’re going to get some BTC or ETH from a trade that acknowledges stores from a platinum card or financial balance, and afterward, you’re going to move your recently purchased crypto to an exchange that sells MONA in return for bitcoin or Ether.

Requirements to mine MonaCoin (MONA)

  • Mining pool:  If you are beginner then it is better to join a mining pool as a mining pool have larger possibilities to solve the hash than a solo minner so you will constantly get mining reward. There are different pools like ASICpool, Supernova, etc.
  • Hardware and Software: Iyou can use Ccminer with Nvidia and Sgminer with AMD
  • Internet: 24×7 supply of high speed internet
  • A MonaCoin wallet

Step by Step Hardware and software configuration

  • Choose a Mona mining pool
  • Join a pool
  • Download the needed software
  • Run the batch file you have just created/saved to start MonaCoin mining software with the right parameters

MonaCoin (MONA) Cloud Mining

If you don’t want to buy hardware or don’t want to worry about the electricity consumption or you are just a beginner than this can be an option for you. You just need  to  purchase a mining contract from a providers like NiceHash and GenesisMining.

Some benefits of Cloud Mining:

  • Get instant results
  • payouts are available in a variety of cryptocurrencies, depending on the provider
  • You don’t need to take tension of electricity or power consumption.
  • Need to big place to install the hardware