What is SiaCoin?

Siacoin (SC) means to give an open-source minimal effort answer for distributed storage, offering encryption and dissemination of documents picked for capacity by clients over a decentralized system of friends. Client controlled private keys give the attestation that no outsiders ought to approach or power over information put away on the system. Subsequently, the distributed storage commercial center made accessible to clients of the Sia blockchain is intended to be exceptionally excess, totally private, and more reasonable than numerous other options.

All Time High/Low?

  • All Time High – $0.111708 USD(Jan 06, 2018)
  • All Time Low – $0.000011 USD(Dec 01, 2015)
  • 52 Week High / Low – $0.004029 USD /$0.001242 USD
  • 90 Day High / Low – $0.003505 USD /$0.001242 USD
  • 30 Day High / Low – $0.003505 USD /$0.001418 USD

What is Siacoin’s total supply?

Siacoins are the utility token controlling the Sia network and are expected to be utilized for the satisfaction of keen stockpiling contracts on the decentralized system. There will never be a cap on the number of Siacoins generated.

How & Where to Buy SiaCoin?

Purchasing Siacoin for assets from your bank requires a 2-advance procedure. You’re going to get some BTC or ETH from a trade that acknowledges stores from a platinum card or financial balance, and afterward, you’re going to move your recently purchased crypto to an exchage that buy Siacoin in return for bitcoin or Ether.

Which algorithm is used in SiaCoin mining?

Siacoin is using Blake2b algorithm.

Requirements to Mine SiaCoin?

  • Mining pool:  If you are beginner then it is better to join a mining pool as a mining pool have larger possibilities to solve the hash than a solo minner so you will constantly get mining reward. There are different pools like Antpool, Siamining, F2pool, etc.
  • Hardware and Software:  For siacoin the best we can suggest is ASIC miner compatible with the Blake2b Algorithm
  • A Siacoin Wallet

Steps to Mine SiaCoin

  • Plugging in Your Device: Connect lan cable of PSU to device’s hashing boards and controller board
  • Choose a Mining Pool
  • Find the IP Address in the DHCP table of your internet router
  • Login to the Web Interface
  • Enter the Mining Pool Information
  • Click Save & Apply and Wait for Miner to Restart

SiaCoin Cloud Mining

If you don’t want to buy hardware or don’t want to worry about the electricity consumption or you are just a beginner than this can be an option for you. You just need  to  purchase a mining contract from a providers like NiceHash and GenesisMining.

Some benefits of Cloud Mining:

  • Get instant results
  • payouts are available in a variety of cryptocurrencies, depending on the provider
  • You don’t need to take tension of electricity or power consumption.
  • Need to big place to install the hardware

Siacoin Regulations

You can mine it legally all over the world but try to avoid Bangladesh, Nepal, Macedonia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Algeria as your mining destinations