11 Signs it’s Time for a Senior to Receive Extra Care

Time for a Senior to Receive Extra Care

Admitting that your loved one needs extra care is never easy, especially if you are doing everything you can. There comes a time, though, that denying they need help could cause serious injury. If you have a parent, grandparent, friend, or any loved one who is in their later years, watch out for these eleven signs that they need extra care. 

1. They Don’t Leave Their Home 

You don’t have to rush finding care for someone who enjoys their own company inside, but if a senior seems to leave their home rarely, it could be a sign that something is wrong. Staying inside can make problems even worse; by missing out on exercise and social interactions, their physical and mental health will suffer. 

Fortunately, there is help out there for those who struggle to leave their home. Assisted living Los Angeles allows residents to live a fulfilling and enjoyable life while receiving the care they need in a comfortable and refreshing environment. 

2. A Change in Personality 

It is common for people to change throughout their life. You might once have preferred cake over pasta, but now you’d much rather dig into a plate full of fusilli. When it comes to personality changes in seniors, however, there could be something serious going on. 

If your once-loving parent is now moody and snappy or your previously chatty grandparent now barely utters a word, it’s time to intervene and make sure they are OK. There are several possible reasons behind a personality change, with many of them requiring extra care, so you must keep an eye out for it. 

3. They Forget Things More Often 

Forgetfulness is common in old age and even affects many working adults. When your loved one starts forgetting appointments, where they keep things, or even the names of people they love, it’s a sign they need help. This is especially true if they lose time or find themselves in places and they can’t remember how they got there – if this happens, you must find help for them right away. 

4. They Have Frequent Accidents 

A small bruise from a kitchen counter bump from time to time is normal, but if they frequently have trips and gain mysterious marks all over their body, something could be wrong. Before anything else, you should make sure their home is safe by getting rid of any trip hazards and installing grab bars. If they still get themselves into accidents even in a safe home, it is an indication that they need someone there to prevent them from hurting themselves further. 

5. A Neglected Home 

A neglected home is a sign that someone isn’t well. If their washing pile lays untouched, their dishes pile up, and a smell lingers in the air, your senior loved one may be too mentally or physically unwell to clean. While a professional cleaner can help with this, it does not target the root problem. If they cannot look after a home, they might not be capable of looking after themselves, and in this situation, a caregiver is necessary.  

6. They’re Not Taking Medications 

Many seniors need to take medication. If your loved one is frequently taking it late or not taking it at all, they could make themselves ill. To prevent this, extra care should be put in place to ensure they always take their meds on time. If this is their only problem, the answer could be as simple as a caregiver going around once a day to administer medications. 

7. They Struggle to Walk 

If a senior struggles to walk and they have no one there to help them get around, their quality of life greatly diminishes. It impacts all areas of life, from going to get some milk from the shops to simply getting out of bed each morning. If your loved one struggles with mobility, then finding care for them will help give back some independence and allow them to get around. 

8. They Have Poor Hygiene 

Much like a badly kept home, poor hygiene is another indicator that a senior needs help, especially if they are usually well-groomed. Telling someone they have bad hygiene is never an easy conversation, but it could be a sign of an underlying issue, so look into it as soon as you can. The answer could be as simple as installing grab bars in the bathroom, or they might be suffering mentally. 

9. Their Doctor Recommends it 

This one is a little more obvious. If their doctor suggests that they need a caregiver, then look into getting one for them as soon as possible. After all, healthcare professionals know best. Also, if your senior loved one hasn’t been to the doctor in a while, it’s a good idea to take them for a check-up. 

10. A Dramatic Change in Weight

A sudden weight change has multiple potential causes. Whether your loved one has lost or gained, it’s wise to look into the reason behind it. Some reasons for dramatic weight loss in the elderly include depression, cancer, thyroid issues, and medication symptoms. 

11. Their Mood is Low 

Nobody wants to see a loved one feeling blue. People can suffer from a low mood at any stage in their life, but if your senior loved one is glum more often than not, there could be something more serious going on, like mental illness. Isolation is rife in the elderly and can lead to depression, so make sure you help them seek treatment for this if symptoms arise

A low mood isn’t always easy to spot, as it can come across as irritability instead of sadness. This shouldn’t be ignored. Remember to be gentle with your loved ones even if they act out, as a lot of the time; anger comes from a place of hurt.  

Realizing that an elderly loved one needs more help than you can provide is never easy. By seeking extra care sooner rather than later, though, you ensure their quality of life is as high as possible.

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