1xBit Adds Support for a New Token EOS as Crypto Demand Increases

EOS is the native token used on one of the top DApps and smart contract blockchains, It is also a top cryptocurrency by market capitalization, currently the 14th largest. EOS was created as a decentralized blockchain that offers fast and cheap transactions. This solves issues with Bitcoin, which is the first cryptocurrency created but with very slow and costly transactions.

It is one of the third generation cryptocurrencies, which are basically crypto projects that facilitate the building of DApps and smart contracts. Moreover, the project is a fierce competitor against Ethereum, which is known to be the first blockchain for smart contracts and DApps.

It is worth mentioning that EOS was created by Daniel Larimer, who is the creator of BitShares and the co-founder of Steem blockchain. At the point of its creation, EOS had the longest ICO in the history of cryptocurrency and still thrives as one of the top cryptos to date.

It currently has a market cap of $2,351,940,158, and even if it is predicted to crash by the end of October, it is expected to recover and close the year above $3.

Why Is It Ideal for Gambling?

EOS is one of the best cryptocurrencies used for gambling because of the cheap and fast transactions it supports. Also, due to the fact that it is used to interact with smart contracts and DApps, it is a perfect cryptocurrency for playing online casino games.

In order to use it in playing, you will need to get a few coins, if you don’t have any yet. This entails getting an EOS wallet and funding it. There are several different wallets out there, some of which are ideal for playing online casinos. Such wallets have different characteristics, including ease of use, high security, as well as fast deposit and withdrawal. You can search online for EOS wallets, and once you find one that fulfills the above conditions, you can create a wallet, and you are almost there.

Next, you will need to fund it with EOS. Usually, you will have to go to an exchange to buy some. There are several websites, and their signup conditions are as different as they are. You can find one that suits you, probably one without KYC, that requires as little information as possible to create an account.

After funding the wallet, the next thing will be to choose an online casino that offers the best reward. 1xBit is one such platform, as it provides a lot of flexibility and perks that make playing casino games worthwhile.

First, you will just carry out a simple registration, and you will be given 7 BTC welcome bonus. On this platform, you will have access to more than 20 cryptocurrencies to choose from. Also, the account you create is a multi-currency, which means that you can have more than one cryptocurrency if you like. The casino is fully anonymous, and you can easily withdraw your rewards with no transaction fees.


If you are looking for a mixture of reward and ease of playing casino games, then 1xBit is the right place. Moreover, due to the fact that EOS is now available, it is even faster to play, so this combination is perfect for anyone entering the industry.

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