4 Business Ideas Perfect for Keen Travellers

4 Business Ideas Perfect for Keen Travellers

Want to travel the world and be an entrepreneur at the same time? If so, here are four different types of businesses that you should seriously consider starting:

Travel agency

The clue is in the title. For entrepreneurial nomads like yourself, owning a travel agency business should be a dream come true. 

Should you opt to bring this type of organization to life, you will be tasked with providing your customers with holidaying advice. In order to provide your consumers with comprehensive information regarding their travel plans, you will need to actually know what you’re talking about. You can’t sell a destination or attest to how amazing it is if you haven’t actually been there yourself, which means you will have an excuse to travel the world in the name of ‘market research.’ Does that not sound like the perfect way to make a living?

Motor trade

If you have a particular proclivity for traveling on the open road, then starting a motor trade business should be a no brainer for you. Whether you start a taxi business, a repossession company, a freight organization business, or even a food courier service, you will be able to spend your working hours out there exploring the world.

Before you go ahead and start a business on four wheels, it’s imperative that you take out adequate insurance cover. For more information on the exact type of cover, you are going to need in this instance, be sure to check out Tradex motor trade insurance.


People are always going to need somewhere to sleep, so why not cater to this demand by starting your own hotel? Even better, why not start a hotel chain? This will definitely facilitate a lot of traveling, simply because it’ll be your duty to check up on the various establishments that you own.

Be warned, owning hotels is not for the faint-hearted. If you want to find success as a hotelier, you must:

  • Be prepared to work long hours and lose your evenings
  • Greet each new customer with a renewed sense of enthusiasm, no matter how tired you are
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of the latest hospitality trends
  • Have an eye for innovation
  • Always ensure that your prices are fair yet competitive
  • Learn to delegate effectively and showcase an ability to trust in your workforce

Mobile DJing

Are you an entrepreneurial nomad that also just so happens to have a passion for music? If so, it sounds like starting a mobile DJ business is your calling! Whether you offer your services at weddings, parties or corporate events, this is the perfect business venture to embark on if you want to earn a living out of having a good time.

Who says you need to be confined to a traditional office environment working day? If you want to break free and broaden your horizons, start a business that will allow you to get out there and see the world! Any of the professions listed above will allow you to do just that.

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