5 Important Benefits of IT Service Management for Marketing Companies

In a digital world where companies operate online at an increasing rate, we can’t underestimate the importance of having a strong, comprehensive IT infrastructure. IT encompasses numerous fields and can mean many different things to companies in different industries. But for marketing and digital agencies, it means having a reliable hardware infrastructure with a supporting software architecture that facilitates communication and collaboration, allows you to manage your brand on all channels, automate various processes, and deliver more value to your clients.

These are just some of the reasons to keep a well-optimized IT infrastructure and to do that, it’s important to invest in IT service management. In a nutshell, IT service management allows you to align all your IT processes to serve your goals and objectives, help build a high-performance marketing team, and give you a strategic advantage in the competitive market.

Today, we’re putting all of this into the perspective of your marketing business, and we’re taking a look at the important benefits of IT service management in this sector.

Improve the quality of your service

A big part of IT service management is about automating certain processes, which we’ll talk about in more detail later on. For now, we need to focus on improving the quality of your service in all customer-facing departments and teams. IT service management allows you, the business owner, to take and retain control of your workflows without the need to code anything, and it allows your workflows to stay agile and flexible. In turn, this gives your teams and your entire organization the ability to stay nimble in the face of change and during these trying times.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the rules of the game, staying agile is the key to long-term survival and success. Your teams can pool relevant data from external sources quickly to make better decisions and generate more accurate predictions, which in turn allows them to resolve or prevent issues with partners, clients, or customers before they arise.

Connect teams and improve workflow

IT service management brings numerous features to the table that empower and enable the modern digital workforce. Given the fact that more and more marketers are working remotely or on the go, and are not always at their desks, they need a way to stay connected with each other and the central collaboration hub in your company.

The right IT service management system will also come with a dedicated mobile app that facilitates seamless connectivity for all employees in your organization. It allows them to stay in the know, resolve IT issues they might be experiencing while away from the office, submit requests and provide feedback, and get answers to important questions directly from your data stores. This type of connectivity allows everyone in your marketing company to stay productive no matter where they are. 

Optimize your IT for your marketing needs

The foundation of IT service management is to align IT with your company’s needs, goals, and current objectives in order to deliver better service, boost internal processes, and gain a competitive advantage. To achieve all of this, your IT experts need to manage your infrastructure library, which allows all teams to collaborate seamlessly from a centralized location.

To achieve this and drive value for your employees and your customers, your IT experts need to have the ITIL foundation certification that allows them to set up this IT process, after which they can obtain advanced certifications to deliver better solutions for your IT needs. You can do this in-house, but you can also outsource it to a dedicated and certified team of IT professionals. 

Facilitate automation across your marketing company

As a leader of a growth-oriented marketing company, you understand how automation can drive processes forward, reduce operational costs, make customers happy, and facilitate productivity in your teams. There are many ways to automate your marketing business, and IT service management delivers a set of tools and practices that allows you to automate in a smart and cost-effective way.

For one, it allows you to automate your workflows to avoid wasting time and money on manual processes, all the while ensuring IT security, compliance, and efficiency. Modern IT service management can be deployed quickly to any marketing business to provide a robust support system for customers as well so that you’re always able to provide prompt service.

Gain relevant insights in real time

Last but not least, having the right data at the right time can make all the difference in the marketing industry, and IT service management allows you to stay on top of the data at all times. The right IT service management tools will be easy to use through a drag-and-drop system that allows you to generate actionable reports quickly and give you the option to monitor all relevant KPIs and metrics through comprehensive dashboards. 

Operations, finance, marketing, productivity, you can track all of these, and many more with comprehensive IT service management. 

Wrapping up

IT service management has an important role to play in the business world as a whole, but in modern marketing, it can be instrumental for long-term success. Consider investing in ITSM in your marketing business in 2021 to take your company forward and achieve better results.

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