7 Essential Remote Workers Toolkit in 2022

In the digital age, most people prefer to work from home. The reason is quite obvious that people enjoy the freedom and work on their terms. If you have established an online empire or thinking of starting a new one, working remotely will be a new norm. 

But working from home is not easy to handle as you might face several challenges. For instance, you have to manage your workflow, ensure seamless communication, and invest in the right tools to get your work done. 

No matter, whatever you want to achieve while working from home, you can’t think of anything without the availability of the internet. Having a stable internet connection means you can work without any hurdles and delays. Try searching for internet providers in your area by entering Zip Code. And luckily if your area is being served by Spectrum, you can trust it blindly as it offers to speed up to 940Mbps along with an unlimited data cap and a free modem. Due to its greater coverage, Spectrum also offers customer support for Spanish speakers. If you are one of those, then we have good news for you because you can dial número de teléfono de spectrum and ask any questions about its plans, packages, and deals

The basic utility is now at your disposal, it’s time to take a look at some other tools you need as a remote worker. Let’s get started. 


Trello is one of the favorite tools for remote workers as it allows them to easily manage and track projects. The tool is simple and easy to use as it allows you to create cards and put them in the desired tabs like in progress, completed, or pending. In fact, it has gained popularity due to its visual list and easy-to-track projects. 

If you are working with a team, you can easily create cards and assign them to each individual or a group of people. As the project is completed, the team or individual can place the card under the tab completed to make it easy for others to know that project is completed. There is no need to hold sessions to let your team learn about how to use Trello and make it easy for everyone to stay aligned.


During the pandemic COVID-19, most of the companies and remote workers relied heavily on Zoom. The purpose of this tool is to collaborate seamlessly with your network, whether it be clients, colleagues, or someone else. When working remotely you can’t rely on anything other than marvelous. 

The reason we are recommending Zoom over others is that it offers seamless interaction without any glitches. For instance, you won’t find your videos stuck in the middle of the voice distorted. If you are low on budget, don’t worry, Zoom is free to use and allows you to host up to 100 participants. Moreover, you can also conduct group meetings for up to 40 minutes. But if that’s not enough you can surely try pro, business, or enterprise plans. 

Google Drive 

With the evolution of technology, people are heavily relying on cloud storage instead of physical ones. In the past, we have seen most of the companies suffer huge losses due to data corruption. But with cloud storage, things have improved a lot in terms of accessibility and security. 

When it comes to Google Drive, you can expect more for less. Instead of storing files and folders on your traditional storage devices like hard disk, USB, and other storage media, Google Drive provides you easy storage solution.

No matter what device you are using, you can access all important files and folders with Google Drive. Moreover, you can easily share it with your peers, clients, and family members to share important files such as images, videos, slides, and much more. 


Working from comes with many distractions. You might find yourself unproductive and lazy when you face distractions all the time. In that case, firstly you need to allocate a space where there is minimal to no distraction at all. 

In addition, you can also use Krisp, an online tool that helps you to cancel the surrounding voices. Krisp allows you to hold video calls with your team and client without any distractions. The sound quality is superb and the video quality is at par. Apart from remote workers, it is a great app for students as well as teachers to collaborate and get the best out of time. 


Evernote is a great app to help you manage all the to-do tasks on a given day. It is a superb app if you have a weak memory and can’t remember your important tasks. Evernote is a handy tool that synchronizes on all devices without doing much. 

On top of it, you can also add useful audio, images, PDFs, and documents. Evernote is considered to be the best productivity app for remote workers and freelancers. Make sure you can keep an eye on what’s due on a given date. 


Remote workers and freelancers are often stuck hunting for the best tools for communication channels. Slack is one of the best tools to utilize if you are working remotely to stay connected with everyone. You would love Slack for collaboration due to its user-friendly interface. 

The tool can easily be integrated with other apps and tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, G Suite, and many more. The tool is accessible through the web and mobile so that you don’t have to struggle when in the middle of the road. 


In the digital world, everyone is searching for information. And there is no better way to inform your target audience than to present them with infographics. Don’t worry, you don’t need to learn anything because Venngage will help you create stunning infographics in a breeze. 

Venngage also offers a pretty decent number of templates to help you make infographics in minutes. A handy tool for those who don’t want to struggle learning complex tools like Adobe Photoshop. 

Summing Up

Remote working is the new norm and investing in the right tools will help you to stay productive. The aforementioned tools are hand-picked by us to help you stay productive, collaborate seamlessly, and store data without security concerns.

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