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7 Most Impactful Tips For Making A Brand Video

Making a Brand Video

Thanks to social media and video hosting sites like YouTube or InVideo, every brand today has found a way to connect with its audience or gain new ones. There have been countless surveys that show that many people try out new brands because of a really good video they put out. Brand videos are the new hot marketing trend, but how to make them impactful?

Many things go into making a good, impactful brand video. Anyone can make a brand video praising the brand, but it will get lost in the sea of brand videos people come across on all social media platforms. There are particular things a brand video should have that will make it resonate with the viewer.

What is the point of the video?

The first question you should ask is what is the objective of the video you want to make?

  • Are you trying to expand your fan base?
  • Are you promoting a new product?
  • Are you trying to get your product sales to boost?

Once you understand the point of the video, coming up with a concept that highlights that point will be easy. If you want more fans or followers, you can make a video that is interesting and entertaining to watch. If you want more sales, you can make a video that highlights a limited sales offer.

Know your audience

You should always know the audience you want to target with your brand video. The age demographic, target gender, and region among other factors, all play a vital role in creating a video that will resonate with the audience. If you’re targeting your existing customers, then give them a reason to stay with your brand. If you’re targeting new customers, give them a reason to try out your brand.

Consistency is key

When making a brand video that you will promote on your social media as well as on your website, always remember to be consistent. If you use particular photos in the video, make sure to use those in all your social media platforms and on your website.

Make sure the video has a consistent theme and feel throughout. If you’re using stock images, then try to find similar looking ones where the light tones and the overall feel match each other. An odd-looking image that does not match the rest might feel jarring and out of sync. You can use online websites or download softwares like an InVideo’s intro maker to help in creating your videos.  

Talk to the customer

The brand video is an extension of the brand itself, so whether you use a voice-over or text, try to make it sound like the brand is talking to the customers. Do not say anything you wouldn’t say to a real-life customer and speak in a peaceful and calming voice. If you’re using texts, then make sure you keep it simple, easy to read, and short.

Keep the tone of the voice or text throughout the video consistent. Try to make it feel as personal as possible as if you’re directly speaking to each customer.

Use colours associated with the brand.

When making a video specifically for a brand, try to incorporate some of the brand’s known colours into the video. If you are using text, this is easy as you can colour the text in the brand’s colours. If there is no text in your video, then you can paint your stage in the same colour as the brand. If that is not possible, then use large objects in the background that have the brand’s colour.

Have a certain editing style

The style in which you edit your video can easily become recognizable if you do it right. Try to find an editing style that you can use that emulates what the brand is all about. There have been many times when brands experimented with different editing styles only to receive negative feedback from the fans.

If your brand is about relaxation, then do not use quick cuts or jump cuts. Try to keep a smooth flow throughout the video that emulates the feeling of relaxation. If your brand deals with sports or fashion, then quick cuts, lights, and fast movements will work fine. You can use several online tools and sites like YouTube intro maker to help get you started.

Experimentation is good only if you learn from it. If you adopt an editing style that captures the essence of your brand, then people can easily be drawn into it. The editing style sets the mood for the video and whatever it is you are trying to represent.

Do not forget your logo

Make sure to include the brand’s logo in the corner of the video. Do not just flash the logo at the start or the end. To make a professional brand video make sure the logo of the brand is seen throughout the video in the corner of the screen. This helps the viewer recognize the brand better.

Adding the brand’s logo at the start of the video and then in the corner throughout the video and once again at the end will help people associate the logo with the brand. Another way you can incorporate the logo into the video is by having it appear on objects in the background of the video. With valuable insights on how to make a brand video, you can use online ad-makers like InVideo to create amazing and impactful brand videos for your products!

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