A Crypto that Repairs Environmental Damage & Funds Your Favorite Charity, Church or Club?

Everyone knows we need to repair environmental damage, plus Charities, Churches and Clubs (CCC’s) always need more revenue to carry on their good work.

Now Erth Points make businesses want to pay for it all. Sound impossible? Read on

The question is – HOW & WHY will Businesses want to fund environmental damage and CCC’s? It’s simple, Businesses collectively spend more than a trillion dollars globally on marketing/advertising to attract customers so they can make more sales, while CCC’s already have all the customers as supporters.

Using the magic of Erth Points Clykto-Currency (Next Generation Crypto-Currency), the System turns those supporters into customers, on a PAY-per-SALE basis, where the revenue is shared with the Customer, the CCC’s and the Planet using Erth Points all for as little as 3% which is under most businesses marketing budgets of 5-9% before we look at their ESG Budgets, which Erth Points also cover. .

Businesses get more than any other loyalty point, and use Erth Points to: –

  • attract new customers from CCC’s and Environmentally concerned groups
  • incentivise loyalty from all customers
  • tick the boxes for Social and Environment to comply with their ESG obligations
  • contact VIP customers free of charge via push notifications and
  • all for as little as 3% and its tax deductible.

The Erth Points System has the potential to be one of the major driving forces for every commercial and consumer transaction on the planet. This can not only change the way businesses get customers, but it can also change the world.

There are now 8 billion people on the planet, 3 billion of them are on FaceBook, if just the FaceBook users collected Erth Points that could mean $6Billion per week would go back to Customers, who can spend their Erth Points back at any business in the world that accepts them as payment, or use them to purchase Gift Cards that can be used at Businesses like Amazon, Apple, eBay and most major retailers.

$6Billion per week will go to CCC’s who can either spend it back at businesses or sell their Erth Points at Crypto Exchanges back to Businesses for their next sales. It is important to understand that this is real demand from businesses similar to how businesses buy Clicks from Google, or advertising from TV, this system is not relying on speculators like every other Crypto to operate, this is ground breaking for Crypto.

$6Billion per week will also go to fund an army of environmental workers and projects around the world, all happily paid for by Businesses as they make sales.

A Win-Win-Win-Win Scenario

The customer benefits (Win 1) by obtaining their goods and/or services and earns Erth Points that can increase/decrease in value as they are a Crypto, the business benefits (Win 2) since it has a client who spent money rather than just visited their website, CCC’s benefit (Win 3) from their supporters every day shopping, and the planet benefits (Win 4). Plus Erth Ambassadors benefit (Win 5) as they can also earn a small fraction of every purchase made by the user they enlist, or from every sale businesses that they enlist into Erth Points make.

Instead of using a massive amount of energy and the subsequent environmental harm like proof or work Cryptos, Erth Points only uses a similar amount of energy as a credit card transaction. Plus, using Erth Points helps restore the damage done to the environment, under its POLECER mandate which includes reforestation and clean energy technology.

Companies can acquire Erth Points from Crypto Exchanges or use the REACTS system in the same way to how they pay for Clicks. Erth Points can be utilized by any business on the planet, regardless of the country or the currency used, to increase their sales and profits.

Erth Points can be accumulated by customers and used as a deposit on a home or car (In Australia, coming to other countries), or to pay for a holiday, the company will be implementing these services internationally as it expands.

The company has legal opinion that Erth Points are not a Security under SEC law.

If there is a Crypto out there with greater utility, we are unaware of it, but a crypt that does all this and funds CCC’s while saving the planet, is the token that will not only change the Crypto industry, but it can potentially save the world. This System is now working in Australia.

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