b0rder1ess.nft – The first ever NFT drop-powered by NAP (Native Assurance Protocol)

b0rder1ess is pleased to announce its upcoming NFT collection powered by NAP, the Native Assurance Protocol. NAP is the first protocol to guarantee NFT liquidity and instant sell-back.

This community-driven ecosystem aims to expand Web3 beyond existing boundaries. The b0rder1ess team consists of OG visionaries behind the emerging NFT x DeFi narrative.
hey are the OG visionaries behind the emerging NFT x DeFi narrative. 

Product: b0rder1ess.nft drop

  • New #NFTxDeFi market creators (NOT #erc404). The audit is done.
  • Wicked NFT collection backed by solid DeFi mechanics
  • Instant & guaranteed NFT sellback

Partners & Collaborators: Polygon Labs, Polygon ID, Trust Wallet, A.D.E.D. street art & fashion brand (mostly famous for collaboration with Off-White), ghost protest (Yeezy), The NFT Daily, AX1 Venture syndicate, and more.

Total supply: 10,000 

Mint chain: Polygon 

Mint (price/place): TBA (In negotiations with launchpads/marketplaces)

Mint date: March 28th

b0rder1ess.nft is a game changer from both visual and utility aspects.


The collection was created by an award-winning art director and visual artist Denis Davydov. Lately, he’s been working on CGI for Nike, Samsung, Microsoft, Ford, Bloomberg, NBC and other well-known brands. He started by creating 300 edgy pixel-art handcrafted visuals and then he “trained” the neural network to create the remaining supply of unique NFTs. 

Here’s a teaser of the collection.


b0rder1ess.nft collection is the first NFT drop powered by NAP (Native Assurance Protocol). It offers a guaranteed instant sellback of NFT and avoids rug pulls. Thus, it develops a new market at the intersection of NFT and DeFi #NFTxDeFi (not #erc404).

NAP protocol audit has been completed by Alan Mihai Barbatei ( – one of the top auditors on the market.

NAP testnet:

Here’s more info about NAP features and how it affects the collection:

Instant & Guaranteed Sell Back: 

Users can always exchange their NFT for DeFi liquidity – i.e., swap it for stable coins or other tokens.

Royalties Benefits

The team’s share of royalties from the collection is 0%. Any transactions on NFT marketplaces increase the value of the user’s NFT’s assurance.

Always the First: 

NFTs from this collection will always be the first to get access to exclusive benefits from their partners and b0rder1ess. NAP is the first example.

Art and Plot: 

The user mask is unique, and created by a world-class visual artist. As the story is just beginning making one the co-owner of NAP.

Any swaps of all other collections that have been integrated. NAP will increase the value of users’ NFTs assurance.

B.0.R.D.E.R.1.E.S.S.  x  A.D.E.D.

The Web3 studio b0rder1ess and the art-collective A.D.E.D. present their first joint art collaboration, merging street, NFT, and web3 culture to mark the project’s launch.

The  guerrilla poster campaign and video series sequentially narrate the project’s lore and universe through three micro-novels, each from one of the three metropolises, Paris, New York, and Tokyo. NYC edition:  b0rder1ess x a.d.e.d. (nyc edition)






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