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Beginners Guide To WooCommerce

Looking for knowledge about how to set up a successful WooCommerce store for your business? Look no further. You may be surprised, but it’s a broad topic. Here is an outline that will give you a basic idea about the knowledge you will need to master WooCommerce.

What Doesn’t This Article Offer?

  • Complete technical instruction on how to go through all the stages of setting up WooCommerce,
  • a comparison between WooCommerce, Magento and other solutions,
  • a commentary on any extensions.

What Will You Find Here?

  • 4 things to have in mind while building an e-commerce site,
  • key advantages of WooCommerce,
  • a brief recap of all the stages necessary to install and configure a store.

4 Foundations of Successful E-Commerce Websites 

These are the 4 key aspects that you need to take into account in the 1st stage of designing a new e-commerce website.


A notion gaining huge popularity among web designers and marketers. If your goal is to sell, this is your primary focus. Otherwise, it’s always going to be hurtful for you to look at those clients that dropped out at the last stage. A professional will help you find a website layout that is intuitive and easy for the end-user. 


Important on the two levels. Firstly, designing your website with many functionalities and as code-free as possible. Secondly, make it look professional and resemble your brand. You will need an easily customized site if you’re planning to sell a unique product or implement non-standard marketing strategies. 


The importance of security could not be overestimated. With any breach to your security system you risk: that the payments will go to a different website, your website will be down in the crucial moment of sale; the data of your customers will leak, you’ll lose your credibility and much more, as humans are a creative breed.

Analytical tools – measuring performance

Monitoring your customers’ behaviours is essential for your strategy to convert traffic on your websites into sales. Only with analytics, you can discover the problem areas and push exactly when your clients need a slight push.

WooCommerce is a leading platform for a reason!

Free and Open Source

There are great pros that stand behind these words. There are countless developers working on it at any time. As a rule, breaches in security are reported and fixed immediately. You’re almost sure to find an already existing feature or a plug-in for your need, even if you find it imaginative or specific.

User-Friendly Experience

We’ve mentioned that UX is vital. Well, it’s also expensive, and we understand if you can’t quite afford it. WooCommerce’s themes are user-friendly and well-rated, so following a good theme, you will get a good foundation for a smooth user- experience. It should be fairly uncomplicated to add new functionalities, integrate social features, or link a store to an analytics tool.

What do you need to be prepared for if you’re planning to set up a WooCommerce shop on your own?

Okay, so now will just hint you at what it takes to set up a store. It’s some hassle. It may be rewarding, but we get it if you need to focus on other urgent and burning matters. It’s fair to use a professional web designer like AaronKnight from Sydney. Specialists know their part, and that’s what we’re paying them for. 

To set up your WooCommerce website you will need to start with understanding the general settings; product settings and WooCommerce taxes. Then, it’s time to choose what checkout options you want to allow and manage checkout settings and shipping settings. Dealing with your customers’ data is a different story, for that you need to focus on accounts, e-mails, and security settings. Afterwards, you need to learn how to manage adding products: simple, affiliate, or variable; their photos, product tags, and categories. Then, configure managing orders, coupons and you’re almost at the end. Finally, you can focus on creating and analysing reports: order, customer, tax, or stock. After these steps, you will have a simple store. On top of this, you may consider some adds on, for example dynamic pricing or product reviews pro.

It gets easier with practice, and it’s a useful skill in the 21st century. However, no one will judge you for using the help of a professional. Web design in Sydney is a competitive bursting with specialized knowledge.

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