Best Free Internet Phone Calls Software and Apps

We are living in an age where communication isn’t an issue at all. Just pull out a phone from your pocket and dial the number of your friend or family member. Talk to them as much as you like depending on what type of carrier you are using and the plan you have subscribed to. 

The above scenario has been very common since the inception of mobile phones. But with the evolution of the internet and advancement in technology, things have changed quite drastically. You cannot only make a voice call but also view a video of the other person, like you were talking to a person sitting right next to you. 

Phone, internet, and cable are being offered in bundles to benefit consumers in terms of ease and affordability. For instance, if we take a look at the Spectrum triple play plan, you will be getting all three under one plan. So whether you want to video chat with your friends over WhatsApp or call someone on a landline, all of it is being offered in one package. 

But you don’t need to have a landline all the time to make long-distance calling. Some free internet software and apps allow you to call your loved ones only by connecting to the internet. If you are not aware of these, let’s find out. 


Telegram is the most popular messenger app used for sending text and phone calls. The app is simple to use and encrypted to offer you full security and privacy. The app can be accessed on mobile and web without missing the features on any of the platforms. 

Telegram allows you to add a contact to it. So wherever you are and whomever you want to call, just open the application, add the contact, and call without any interruption. The app is compatible with macOS, web, iPad, Android, iPhone, and Windows. The only drawback of Telegram is that users can only make free calls, but can’t call a real phone number. 


Skype is widely used by individuals and organizations for voice and video calls, without paying a dime. Just add the desired person to the contact list and start conversing. The app works perfectly on all devices including desktops and smartphones. 

If you don’t know the recipient’s ID, you can simply find the user by searching the phone number of the email address. If you know the username, there is no better way to add contacts to the list. Skype is widely popular for video calls and text messages as well. One of the biggest benefits of using Skype is that it runs across cross platforms and can be used to make phone calls by adding credit to it. Some of the compatible devices that support Skype include Windows, Echo Show, Android, iPhone, Xbox One, Kindle Fire HD, and Linux. 


Snapchat is quite popular among teenagers for sending pictures and text messages. However, most people might be unaware that it can allow you to make video and audio calls to contacts in your Snapchat list. 

If you wish to have a conversation with your friends, just enter the chat mode by opening a new window or tapping the conversation. Now press the phone button to call instantly for free over data connection or Wi-Fi. Snapchat can only be used to make calls to users available on this platform. If you wish to make phone calls outside Snapchat, it won’t allow you to do so. Snapchat is compatible with the iPad, iPhone, Android, and iPhone. Have fun with your friends and family members with Snapchat and share light moments with them. 

Google Duo

When it comes to Google, you can expect anything from it. Google Duo is one of the products that you can use for audio calling. Either you can use it to make audio calls or have a video conference with your loved one. However, unlike other phone calling apps, Google Duo does not allow you to receive or send text messages. 

If you wish to call someone from your contact, Google Duo shows other Duo users from the existing contact list. While the rest of the people are those, who are not using Google Duo and you can simply send an invitation. The app only works best for those who have installed the app and are actively using it. If you wish to call someone on their landline phone, Google Duo does not allow you to do so. The application can be used from Nest Hub Max and the website. The app is available on iPad, Android, and iPhone. 


If you wish to call your friends and family members over the internet without paying a dime, Textfree is one application to look for. The app allows you to customize voicemail greetings and make free app-to-app text messages and calls. 

The texting feature on Textfree allows you to send text messages on a featured phone that does not have any apps. For instance, you can send texts to your friends and family members over the internet, even if they don’t have a smartphone. 

In the beginning, every user has a limited number of free minutes for calling. However, the free minutes can be topped up by watching video advertisements and completing offers. The app is compatible with iPad, Android, and iPhones. One of the drawbacks of Textfree is that if you have not used it for a long time, the number is expired. 


Above all the best free internet phone call apps and software, WhatsApp surely beat others. The app is now owned by Facebook and used by millions of users worldwide. No other calling app gives you as many features as WhatsApp. 

The app is not only used to make free video and audio calls but also used to receive and send text messages. In addition, you can also record your voice and send it to the recipient. Once you install WhatsApp on your phone, all you need is to verify your phone number. The app is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS devices.

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