Blockchain in Digital Marketing [ SCAM ALERT ]

Blockchain in digital marketing

Maria Johnsen ‘s new book Blockchain in Digital marketing with subtitle “ A New Paradigm of Trust” is a book that is recommended by artificial intelligence and blockchain experts. This is not about bunch of cryptocurrency research but a series of her research, analysis and innovational ideas on how blockchain can change digital marketing processes. 

Although search engines’ intentions are good, but they are filed with political and commercial strategies of their own which  affect negatively organic search results.

Digital marketing agencies and companies use outdated tools which don’t give the right results. According to Maria Johnsen using artificial intelligence and blockchain based tools make their life easier than before. Using blockchain based CRM systems and content management tools along with blockchain sales system, can help these companies increase the right results.  In her book “Blockchain in Digital Marketing “ Maria Johnsen dig deeper in each single process and provides important facts and data on how a company can increase their sales and productivity by using the latest artificial intelligence blockchain technology. 

The concept of the interaction with technology has not been a new one. It’s evolving with each passing year. Since the dawn of the technology in the modern world, it has become a fundamental component of our everyday lives. With the improvement in Artificial Intelligence, the whole spectrum of the thought process has shifted.

According to Maria Johnsen companies should seriously invest on blockchain based digital marketing and advertising tools. In  Blockchain in Digital Marketing  Maria Johnsen explained about Blockchain technology and its impact on digital marketing processes. The author discusses about the future of blockchain in digital marketing and to what extend using blockchain tools is feasible in online marketing processes.

She explains the impact machine learning, neural networks in blockchain and how blockchain can improve various digital marketing processes. This is a must read book and can be found in bookstores and various online platforms such as Google books, Google Play, Smashwords, Amazon and so on. 

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