BlockDAG’s Leaderboard Reveals Astounding 800% Growth In Market Amid Solana VS Litecoin Debate & Bittensor Price Rise

The current debate between Solana and Litecoin revolves around which cryptocurrency might secure ETF approval sooner. Meanwhile, Bittensor (TAO) has experienced a 28% price surge after months of decline. BlockDAG’s innovative dashboard, featuring rankings and a leaderboard page, has gamified crypto investing, expanded its community, and contributed to an impressive 800% growth recently. With its presale price now at $0.009 in batch 15, BlockDAG‘s forecast predicts a surge to $10 by 2025.

Solana vs Litecoin

The Solana vs Litecoin debate has been a hot topic lately. Some analysts believe Solana (SOL) will obtain an ETF (spot exchange-traded fund) approval in the U.S. However, the SEC’s classification of SOL as a security complicates its path toward regulatory approval. For Solana to move forward, it must first gain robust regulatory support. In contrast, cryptocurrencies like Litecoin (LTC), with their proof-of-work architectures and simpler regulatory profiles, may have a higher chance of gaining ETF approval sooner.

Bittensor (TAO) Price Surges Post Declines

Bittensor is a decentralized open-source protocol that helps users efficiently extract network information. Recently, the price of Bittensor (TAO) saw a 28% surge, accompanied by a significant boost in trading volume. This increase follows a period of consistent price drops that nearly crushed the cryptocurrency under bearish pressure. With bulls currently dominating the market, Bittensor is on a path to recovery. Although this is positive news for the TAO community, investors remain cautious with support at $337 and resistance at $490.


BlockDAG’s Interactive Dashboard Upgrade Turns Up to $34.7M Presale

One of the key factors behind BlockDAG’s presale success is its intuitive and interactive dashboard, making crypto investing and profit easy. The dashboard’s Ranking and Leaderboard page is where the magic happens. Users can quickly see the top 30 investors participating in the presale, each ranked based on the number of BDAG coins they own.

The ranking system divides users into tiers reflecting their purchase range. These tiers include Crab, Tortoise, Fish, Shark, and Whale, with the Crab tier reflecting purchases between $0 to $99 and the Whale tier reflecting purchases of $50,000 and above.

This system gamifies crypto investment, encouraging extensive engagement and competition. For example, an investor who bought $7,000 worth of coins in Batch 1, when BDAG traded at $0.001, would see their investment grow to $63,000 with the current price of $0.009. This substantial growth not only elevates their status to Whale but also motivates others to boost their ranks, increasing demand for BDAG coins. The projected price of BDAG is expected to hit $1 this year and $10 by 2025, with a potential 30,000x return on investment by 2030.


In A Nutshell

Amid the Solana vs Litecoin ETF approval debate and the 28% surge in Bittensor (TAO) price, BlockDAG has made headlines with its 800% price increase. Currently priced at $0.009 in presale Batch 15, BlockDAG is projected to reach $10 by 2025, making it a standout choice among cryptocurrencies.


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