BlockDAG’s Presale Soars to $32.4M After Crypto Rick’s Endorsement, Outperforming Ethereum and Shiba Inu

BlockDAG has swiftly become a trending topic across multiple social platforms following an endorsement by prominent YouTuber Crypto Rick. Celebrating its cutting-edge technology and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), Rick’s support has significantly boosted BlockDAG’s presale success, now proudly in its 15th batch.

From its inception, BlockDAG’s coin price has skyrocketed by 800%, now standing at $0.009. The presale alone has generated over $32.4 million, with nearly 9.6 billion coins sold. Meanwhile, Ethereum’s trade volumes have surged, reinforcing its key role within the crypto market. Similarly, SHIB shows a promising future, marked by significant gains realized by a seasoned investor after 2.6 years.

Ethereum’s Trading Surge Highlights Ongoing Market Dominance

Recent figures reveal a surge in Ethereum’s trading volume, highlighting the persistent attraction and activity in the cryptocurrency markets. This increase in volume reflects active engagement by traders, illustrating continued confidence in Ethereum’s value and functionality.

This strong trading volume implies substantial liquidity and active market engagement, enabling fast and efficient trading options. Ethereum’s continued robust performance is vital for the health and dynamics of the crypto ecosystem, influencing its future direction and market perceptions.

SHIB Gains Anticipation as Major Investor Profits Emerge

According to, SHIB’s outlook remains positive. A noteworthy profit made by a long-term investor after 2.6 years emphasizes the optimistic market sentiment towards SHIB, indicating potential for additional price growth. 

This activity pattern creates an encouraging market atmosphere, attracting investor interest and heightening expectations for future advancements. Market observers are closely watching SHIB’s trends, evaluating market sentiments and external factors that might affect its forthcoming developments.


BlockDAG: Blockchain Evolution with 800% Coin Value Increase

Endorsed by influencer Crypto Rick, BlockDAG stands out as a transformative force in the blockchain landscape with its advanced technology and scalability. Its EVM compatibility enables developers to effortlessly integrate existing Ethereum-based smart contracts.

This interoperability grants access to a plethora of resources and established communities, significantly boosting project development. Moreover, BlockDAG’s user-friendly blockchain development tools allow even non-coders to create anything from utility tokens to NFTs with ease.

BlockDAG (1)

Crypto Rick’s backing not only highlights BlockDAG’s dedication to growing its community but also promotes a 20% referral bonus, enhancing participation across the crypto community. With initiatives like a $2 million giveaway, BlockDAG is carving new paths for investor passive income.

This endorsement has escalated BlockDAG’s presale to its 15th batch. The coin price is now at $0.009, marking an 800% increase from its initial offering. The presale has raised over $32.4 million, sold 9.6 billion coins, and set BlockDAG on a trajectory to revolutionize the future of blockchain technology.

BlockDAG: The Premier Crypto Presale

While Ethereum and SHIB maintain strong performance, BlockDAG has positioned itself as the leading crypto presale project, bolstered by Crypto Rick’s endorsement. With the initiation of Batch 15, the coin’s price has climbed to $0.009, pushing total presale revenues past $32.4 million. This remarkable performance highlights BlockDAG’s potential to spearhead innovation in the blockchain sector and attract global investor interest.

BlockDAG (5)

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