Brazil is a Dictatorship or Democracy 

Brazilian journalist says Brazil might not be a dictatorship. Moreover, its also not a democracy. It was the night of 14th March 2018, when the scientist and his driver were killed. Then journalist Mário Magalhães describes this in his book. 

This topic is related to night murder. So, the journalist decided to write a book about Brazil’s situation. According to him, 2018 was the past year after elections. They focused on the three events that show the reality of 2018. 

  1. The first one is the murder of Marielle Franco and Anderson Gomes on March 14th, 2018. 
  2. The second point is the arrest of ex-president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on April 7, 2018. 
  3. Also, he added the election of Jair Bolsonaro as president on October 28, 2018. 

There are many aspects of his book. Thus, he writes the democracy word and relates it to the government. It is a bit critical to understand his points. But he said the groups involved in the armed efforts. These efforts are against Brazil’s US-backed army government. 

Mário Magalhães Words

But some journalist has refused to accept his theory. Here they discuss the Marielle Franco’s murder. The second point of Edson Luís, the teenage student killed by the Rio de Janeiro police in 1968. So, they said the journalist Mário Magalhães had drawn a different parallel between the two events. 

This discussion is very long, and every journalist talks about it in Brazil. Because it is a significant point that attacks the government. That’s why this topic is on the top stories nowadays. Hence, they discussed all the aspects of the book. 

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