ChatGPT Joins Solana Network: Offering More Power

Solana becomes the first Layer1 blockchain to integrate with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The Solana Foundation, the non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the development and growth of the Solana blockchain ecosystem, announced ChatGPT integration on Tuesday.

The move is a significant step towards making the Solana blockchain more user-friendly and accessible to a wider range of people.

Network Onboarding Made Easy

The new feature is Solana Lab’s latest effort to streamline users’ onboarding process to Web3, thus serving as Solana’s search engine to better understand Solana data and protocols. ChatGPT plugin is open to download on Solana Labs GitHub.

ChatGPT plugin will definitely not help users predict the price movement, but it is capable of assisting those who want to learn or need help when iterating with the Solana blockchain.

The tool can read data from multiple sources on the blockchain, such as transaction history, smart contract data, and NFT metadata. This data will then be used to answer users’ questions about the blockchain.

For example, a user could ask ChatGPT “What is the total number of NFTs minted on the Solana blockchain?” or “What is the current price of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection?”

ChatGPT will be able to answer these questions in real-time, making it a valuable tool for users who want to learn more about the Solana blockchain.

Users can also ask for a step-by-step guide to performing certain activities on Solana, such as how to purchase a specific NFT or transfer tokens.

“Every developer building consumer-oriented apps should be thinking about how their app is going to be interacted with through an AI model because this is a new paradigm for telling computers what to do,” Solana co-founder and Solana Labs CEO Anatoly Yakovenko noted.

In addition to the ChatGPT plugin, the Solana Foundation launched a 3-month AI accelerator program to encourage university students and projects to develop AI projects on Solana.

The program will provide mentorship, resources, and funding to help participants develop their projects. The foundation has already received over 50 applications for grants and has awarded grants to a few companies.

The AI accelerator program is part of the Solana Foundation’s commitment to supporting the development of AI on Solana. The foundation believes that AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we use blockchain technology, and it is committed to helping developers build innovative AI-powered applications on Solana.

Recent developments have revolutionized the Solana blockchain, but there are still areas, such as staking and validators’ information, that require further improvement. Despite this, ChatGPT, being a sophisticated language model with the ability to continuously learn and comprehend information, presents significant potential for advancement.

Solana’s Momentum Springs Back

In May, the Solana network witnessed a significant surge in activity. This surge can be attributed to higher fees on Ethereum and Bitcoin, which have prompted users to explore alternative options.

Data from The Block indicated a seven-day moving average of new addresses reaching an impressive 323,000 last week, marking the highest number since June 2022. The data further reveals that Solana has added more new addresses in the past month than in the past 6 months combined.

The surge in activity reflects the growing interest and adoption of Solana. The blockchain is known for its high throughput and low fees, making it a more attractive option for users who are looking to avoid high costs.

Solana’s native SOL token has shown remarkable resilience and recovery. Year-to-date, the SOL token has surged by 101%, indicating a positive trajectory.

The surge in activity and the positive performance of the SOL token are both positive signs for Solana. The network is well-positioned to continue to grow and attract new users in the coming months.

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