Crypto Prices Today Signals Full on Bull Run: Investors Pick BlockDAG Instead of Solana, Can ADA Reach $1?

Bitcoin has hit a new all-time high, surpassing its last peak in November 2021, just below $69,000. Although it later retracted to just above $64,000, BTC’s brief surge to its ATH spurred a market-wide bullish sentiment, propelling many altcoins to their year-to-date highs and beyond.

Cardano (ADA) surged by 49% in the last month, sparking speculations in the ADA community: Can ADA reach $1? Following close behind Cardano, Solana (SOL) is also in a significant uptick, up by 37% over the same time period. Meanwhile, BlockDAG (BDAG) has entered the presale market with a bang, raising over $2.7 million despite being only in its second presale batch.

Can ADA Reach $1?

Cardano has been on a roll, up by 16% over the last seven days and 49% over the previous month. Such impressive growth sparked fervent speculation: Can ADA reach $1 in 2024?

As Cardano is still around 75%  down from its ATH of $3.10 in September 2021, there is undoubtedly much room for growth. However, for Cardano to reach the $1 price point, a breakout above the $0.785 resistance is essential. Conversely, a fall below the $0.777 support level could suggest a shift towards bearish sentiment, potentially leading to a retest of lower support levels.

Solana Price Prediction at $200

SOL has also enjoyed a significant uptick, rising 20% over the past week and 37% in the last month, with impressive year-on-year growth of 536%. This growth isn’t just a reflection of the overall bullish sentiment in the crypto market; it’s also the result of a surge in the trading volume of the meme coins hosted on the platform.

The Solana price prediction for 2024 hovers around $200. However, there is a possibility SOL could retract to a support level of $100 if the market sentiment goes south.

BlockDAG – Setting a New Chapter for Crypto Mining

BlockDAG is setting the stage for a significant shift in the crypto-mining sector, aiming to make mining more sustainable, affordable, and efficient. To this end, BlockDAG presents its lineup of mining rigs under the X-series, with over 3,200 units already sold. Additionally, BlockDAG offers a cloud mining service and a mining app, allowing users to participate in crypto mining without buying expensive mining hardware and incurring exorbitant energy costs.

Regarding ROI, BlockDAG has already yielded a robust return for its early backers as the price rose from $0.001 in the first batch to $0.0015 in the second batch. With the listing price set at $0.05, investors buying BDAG can expect an attractive ROI of approximately 3233% when the project gets listed on exchanges.

Another noteworthy highlight is BlockDAG’s goal to launch its mainnet within just 6 months, an ambitious goal given the scope of the endeavour, underscoring the team’s dedication and efficiency.

In response to the overwhelming early investor interest and the $2.7 million raised quickly, BlockDAG has announced a $2 million mega giveaway to be won by 50 lucky community members. To participate in the giveaway, follow BlockDAG’s social media channels, submit your wallet address, increase your chances by completing all tasks, and bring friends for additional entries!

In Summary

ADA’s recent price performance has sparked fervent speculations in the Cardano community: Can Cardano reach $1? This outcome seems plausible in light of the current bull market, although ADA would need to overcome the $0.785 resistance level to achieve this. Similarly, Solana has sparked optimistic projections for the short term, with analysts predicting a potential rise to $200 in the upcoming months, provided the current positive momentum persists.

Although Cardano and Solana’s price performance has been impressive, it is overshadowed by BlockDAG, a newcomer that has raised over $2.7 million despite being only in the second batch of its presale. Such robust support early on underscores a strong belief in BlockDAG’s potential to redefine the cryptocurrency landscape.

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