Democratizing eSports: How Moxy is Changing the Game

In the fast-paced world of video gaming, eSports has become one of the fastest-growing entertainment industries.

Millions of players around the world watch online eSports events, competitions, and tournaments that generate billions of dollars and unprecedented engagement.

Unfortunately, the eSports scene remains limited to a few professional players who get to be part of the exclusive club.

To address this gap and bring the excitement of competitive eSports to as many gamers as possible, Moxy has created a blockchain-powered web3 platform that enables all players, not just eSports professionals, to play their favorite games competitively.

By bringing eSports competitions with real rewards, Moxy aims to democratize eSports and bring a new level of excitement to gamers of all levels.

Competitive Gaming Should Be Easy

Over the past decades, gaming passed from being considered a niche activity limited to a few to becoming an activity people of all ages, nationalities, genders, and interests could engage in.

With experts estimating that over 50% of people living in the US are gamers, platforms like Steam, GeForce NOW, Play Store, Xbox Pass, and many more have emerged to cater to their needs.

These platforms have made it easy for gamers to enjoy their favorite titles without the hassle of buying physical copies, having powerful hardware, or even being tied to a single device.

Moxy has made eSports gameplay available to everyone.
Moxy has made eSports gameplay available to everyone.

However, no developer has focused so far on providing gamers with a truly competitive experience that goes beyond the traditional “Ranked” systems most games have used for years.

While popular games like League of Legends have attempted to provide their players with eSports-like experiences by introducing modes like Clash, this has not been enough.

Such modes are not only extremely sporadic but lack the necessary incentives for players to actively engage. Such modes have also proven difficult for developers to run, with Clash experiencing difficulties when launched and recently seeing a hiatus that lasted over 4 months.

An Innovative Solution to an Old Problem

The problem of bringing competitive eSports to the masses is one that results from many different elements. Moxy believes that the most effective solution to the problem is to provide developers with an easy-to-use tech stack and players with an eSports-centric platform,

In the case of the tech stack, Moxy allows developers to organize open eSports events without having to implement an in-house solution.

This stack can be accessed via API integration, a method most software developers are already familiar with but still remains extremely possible and that also works indistinctly of the platform being used (PC, console, or mobile device).

Moxy Club gives gamers access to a whole new world. Play your favourite titles, track your earnings, manage how you spend your $MOXY and engage in the community in one simple interface.
Moxy Club: Play your favourite titles, track your earnings, manage how you spend your $MOXY

Gamers, on the other hand, can use the Moxy platform to access thousands of games with eSports functionality, bringing a new layer of engagement and competition to their favorite titles.

As all of the eSports functionality takes place natively in the platform, not only can players earn financial rewards but also other assets specifically designed for their favorite games.

Bringing Web3 and Blockchain to eSports

Moxy makes use of blockchain technology to develop its web3-based technology, which allows its platform to operate in a decentralized, secure, and stable manner. This also comes with the benefit that developers don’t need to develop multiple on/off ramps to localized currencies as the MOXY token streamlines the whole process.

The use of this technology also adds an additional level of security to all of the interactions between developers and players.

Both in terms of cybersecurity and transparency this is better, as all transactions are taking place in the FLOW blockchain. This ensures that the platform is secure, future-proof, low-fee, and easily accessible to all people involved.

Moxy’s use of a unified digital wallet also makes it easier for gamers to interact with the ecosystem as not only can their wallets store their MOXY but also their favorite NFTs.

With these tools developers can also seamlessly create NFTs to represent their in-game assets, bringing new possibilities to their game development.

Real Competition With Real Rewards

There are 2 elements every eSports player competes for: recognition and rewards.

Video Games without an eSports component often tackle recognition that is traditionally tackled in games via leaderboards and the league system, through which players are able to see where their skill stands compared to that of other players.

While most players tend to care about recognition and this system works just fine, the same can’t be said about traditional reward systems. These are often limited to cosmetics and other in-game assets that many players don’t care about, especially in the case of hardcore competitive gamers.

By offering its MOXY cryptocurrency, the Moxy ecosystem allows players to truly capitalize on their skill and hard work.

Every player participating in a competition will be required to pay an entry fee in MOXY tokens, creating a pool that will then be divided among players (90.1%), developer/publisher (6%), and the Moxy Foundation (3.9%).

Moxy Tokenomics
Moxy Tokenomics

Making eSports Go Mainstream

Moxy’s approach to eSports is specially designed to help eSports go mainstream. Given how the prize pools are divided between the different parties, there are financial incentives for everyone involved to engage with the platform and grow the ecosystem.

Players get to earn rewards, developers get a share, and the Moxy Foundation must ensure the platform runs smoothly over time while getting the money required to support that effort.

This means that instead of other attempts at creating eSports platforms in the past, the Moxy ecosystem is getting everyone involved in the efforts through its “trifecta” approach.

Probably the best element playing in Moxy’s favor is giving developers the tools to run eSport competitions without having to reinvent the wheel.

Some of the games available on the marketplace
Some of the games available on the marketplace

As these competitions can take place on all levels while the team is rewarded with part of the pool for generating more engagement, developers have more than enough reasons to consider joining the ecosystem.

So far, Moxy has received support from investors like Shima Capital, Polygon, MetaTope, and GSR, raising over $10 million in the process.

The project has also attracted world-class names like Nolan Bushnell (Atari Founder), Lawrence Siegel (President at Sega Europe), and Tony Bickley (EU Head of Gaming at Sega) to join its team, a testament to its potential.

The Road Ahead

Moxy has already experienced rapid growth and success in the gaming world by integrating games like Super Squad, BattleRise, and Sociable Soccer 23 across different platforms.

Over the next months, the team will be focusing on the onboarding and integration of new games into the platform, as well as putting Moxy into the spotlight.

One of the biggest plans Moxy has developed is its “Battle of the Influencers” program, a celebrity eSports tournament that will see 10 influencers and celebrities participating.

With a combined following of over 100 million users and feature names like Steve Aoki, Hannah Stockings, Daniel “dGon” Gonazales, the tournament will be filmed in an AR studio to further enhance the experience.

With gaming, crypto, and web3 only becoming increasingly popular all over the world, Moxy expects to become a major player when it comes to their integration.

So far, all the pieces seem to be there for the platform to experience meteoric growth. With the tech and the team being prepared it is now only a matter of gamers being ready to take their gaming to the next level.

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