Dev Release 33: BlockDAG Introduces SHA-3 Hashing, Achieves $30 Million in Presale

With the rollout of Dev Release 33, BlockDAG introduces significant upgrades, such as SHA-3 hashing, aimed at refining the mining process and boosting the network’s security and efficiency. These enhancements have reinforced BlockDAG’s role as a premier Layer 1 blockchain, as evidenced by the robust sales of its X100 miner, combined with all other miners has surpassed 5,700 units.

The impressive performance of this miner reflects the market’s strong confidence in BlockDAG, highlighted by a 750% increase in its coin price to $0.0085, driving total presale earnings beyond $30 million.

BlockDAG’s X100 Miner: Over 5,700 Units Sold, Profits Soar

BlockDAG’s mining operations have achieved new heights with the sale of more than 5,700 units, including X100 miners sold, underscoring strong growth and confidence in the market. The coin’s value has dramatically increased by 750% since its initial launch, now priced at $0.0085. This surge has pushed the total presale revenue to exceed $30 million, demonstrating BlockDAG’s expanding influence in the crypto sector.

Operating on a Proof of Work consensus mechanism, BlockDAG remains cutting-edge in terms of speed, security, and decentralization. The X100 miner, BlockDAG’s flagship product, delivers a powerful 2 TH/s hash rate and operates at 1800W, making it a leading choice in the mining industry. Designed for maximum profitability and energy efficiency, the X100 is optimal for both individual enthusiasts and large-scale mining operations, capable of mining up to 2000 coins daily.

Further, the integration of the X100 with the BDAG network through sophisticated ASIC technology enhances its computational power, facilitating efficient and profitable mining. This adaptability and scalability make the X100 an attractive investment for those seeking to engage with the latest in crypto-mining technology.

BlockDAG Dev 33: Pioneering Advanced Blockchain Solutions

The 33rd Dev Release of BlockDAG has brought forward crucial improvements, especially in the mining sector, with the incorporation of the SHA-3 hashing algorithm. This upgrade enhances network security and efficiency, tackling key issues like debugging and smooth implementation. Additionally, the team has evaluated various mining algorithms, including RandomX, to identify the optimal approach for the BlockDAG structure.

This release also ventures into the utilization of off-chain data within the BlockDAG systems, aiming for a balance of scalability, efficiency, and flexibility. The integration of off-chain data is vital as it allows the handling of extensive datasets without burdening the blockchain, maintaining peak performance.

The technical execution involves complex strategies such as hashing and anchoring, employing decentralized storage solutions like IPFS, and using Oracle services for reliable data verification. These developments are crucial for applications ranging from supply chain management to decentralized finance (DeFi), enhancing transparency and authenticity across various industries.

The integration of off-chain data into BlockDAG not only broadens the potential for innovation but also bolsters its utility across numerous sectors. This release strengthens BlockDAG’s foundational technology and expands its application in the industry, paving the way for a future where blockchain technology is more adaptable, efficient, and integrated into everyday digital interactions.


The 33rd Dev Release from BlockDAG marks a pivotal advancement in blockchain technology, emphasizing the significance of SHA-3 integration to improve security and efficiency. With the sale of over 5,700, including X100 miners and a coin price that has escalated by 750% to $0.0085, BlockDAG’s strategic innovations have fueled remarkable growth in the market.

With total presale coin revenue now topping $30 million, BlockDAG continues to lead with innovative updates like Dev Release 33, setting a trajectory to transform the blockchain landscape into one that is more secure, efficient, and accessible to users globally.

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