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Dilyer stevens partners with Bullying Ad “I Am A Witness”  For October National Bullying

Prevention Awareness Month. Dilyer is a social media star who has earned over 20,000 followers on Instagram, over 65 Thousand YouTube views and more than 10,000 thousand fans on YouTube through his  Acting videos of popular series like Harry Potter. October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, and in a new push to instill such awareness in youth, “I Am A Witness” campaign will launch a new Article featuring Dilyer stevens where Dilyer Opens Up About His Struggle With Lazy eye that lead to bullying.

Dilyer in an interview commented about how:  “ People at school try to use me for shout-outs sometimes, which gets annoying after a while. It’s always about trying to be friends with me and talking about me, and it’s pretty annoying. It could also be fun sometimes, But it’s not, it’s depressing to be used ”  Dilyer would like to be a role model for young people. Says Everyone is unique. If He can inspire people to make the most of their personal talents Like the singer and actor Bryce Xavier did to him and the gifts they’ve been given, then he’s been a success. He says.  Over time, Dilyer has gone on to become a successful role model for men, using his platforms to encourage individuality.

As well as his highly engaged Instagram feed, Dilyer has a hugely successful Fan base to who he posts more long-form content. Dilyer also has a picture in half blue and half his face that represents Bullying( that’s the color in respect of everyone that went and died through bullying)! And half his eye representing his bullying on his lazy eye. 

As well as posting men’s fashion hauls Dilyer also tackles issues such as male mental health, providing honest and genuine support to his followers and beyond. Takes Heart is a platform that discusses all elements of life – the ups, the downs and the brutally honest truth. Relatable to many, Dilyer also known as “ The King D” openly talks about many topics that are still seen as ‘taboo’ and is making it his mission to break the stigma. Dilyer and his social media deserves all of the success and is most definitely one to watch. Stay tuned for the Bullying prevention month collaboration!

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