Dominates The Scene With Humongous $14M Presale Amid MemeAI Price Prediction

Do you want to mine crypto, but you can’t afford it? BlockDAG offers the solution with its Android crypto mining app. BlockDAG separates itself from other contenders through an amazing presale of $14M in its seventh Batch for 0.004 boosting its marketing campaign through its whitepaper V2 launch and a massive display on the Sphere of Las Vegas.

Amid these events, the MEMEAI Price Prediction wavers on the brink of volatility, and the Pyth Network carves out new alliances, striving to fortify the data spine of the ever-evolving Web3 saga.

An Outlook On MEMEAI Price Prediction Amidst Volatility

The MEMEAI Price Prediction reflects a cautious optimism on the 2-hour chart, with the Alligator indicator suggesting a consolidation phase through intermingling lines. This equilibrium, underscored by the Alligator’s closely packed lines and a recent dip into bearish territory, points towards a potential MEMEAI Price Prediction correction. 

Despite this, the Money Flow Index at 65 and the Relative Strength Index at 55 indicate a still robust buying pressure hinting at a shift from bullish to bearish momentum. Meanwhile, the MEMEAI Price Prediction may face adjustments, as attention shifts to SPONGE V2’s anticipated explosive growth following new exchange listings, offering a contrasting investment narrative.

Pyth Network Partnership with Ambient

The Pyth Network has taken a significant step towards bolstering data quality and security for Web3 developers by partnering with Ambient, a leading decentralised exchange protocol. This collaboration enriches the Pyth Network’s price feeds with more secure, efficient, and transparent financial data, leveraging Ambient’s deep liquidity pools. 

Ambient, launched in the summer of 2023, has already marked its presence on platforms such as Blast, Scroll, Ethereum, and Canto, amassing over $50M in total value locked (TVL) and facilitating $650M in trading volumes.

This partnership not only underscores the Pyth Network’s commitment to supporting the burgeoning Web3 ecosystem but also sets a new benchmark for data reliability and accessibility in decentralised finance (DeFi), further supported by their recent collaboration with the HBAR Foundation to expand Pyth Price Feeds to Hedera.

BlockDAG Mobile Mining & 30,000x ROI

BlockDAG stands at the vanguard of blockchain innovation, masterfully blending the fortified security of traditional blockchains with the nimbleness of Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology. This breakthrough heralds a new era for efficiency and security. 

The release of Whitepaper V2 marks a significant milestone, offering deeper insights into BlockDAG’s technological framework and strategic vision. The Las Vegas Sphere display highlights BlockDAG’s ambition and innovation, showing its advanced blockchain technology and practical uses. 

The financial landscape for BlockDAG is equally promising, with a presale that has impressively amassed over $14 Million, setting the stage for a staggering potential ROI of 30,000x for early investors, based on a presale price of $0.004 and an anticipated exchange listing price of $0.05. Adding to the excitement, BlockDAG announced a $2 million mega giveaway for 50 community members, further incentivising engagement through social media interactions and a referral program that offers a 10% bonus.

The eco-conscious X-series mining rigs, with nearly 5,000 units sold, exemplify BlockDAG’s commitment to sustainability, offering a greener alternative for mining BDAG and other major cryptocurrencies. In a pioneering move, BlockDAG has ventured into Android crypto mining, launching a user-friendly app available on both the Apple Store and Google Play, democratising crypto mining for smartphone users worldwide.


When a contender like MEMEAI wrestles with its unpredictable fate, and the Pyth Network embarks on a mission for clarity, BlockDAG shines brightly with a presale that speaks for itself promising an investment of 30,000x post-launch BlockDAG stands as a harbinger of a greener, more inclusive future in blockchain technology.

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