Donald Trump NFT Collection Sales Update: Should you buy?

The day following its original release of Donald Trump NFT Collection, ex-President Donald Trump’s non-fungible token (NFT) virtual trading card collection was sold out quickly on Friday. The collection had traded 6,784 ETH as of the time of writing, as per data from OpenSea. The floor price is approximately 0.24 ETH, with a reduction of 85%. 

About The Donald Trump NFT Collection

The 76-year-old previous commander-in-chief can be shown on the cards in a boxing ring, getting ready to wrestle, as a racing driver, an astronomer, and even on a football field. The presidential figure, 45, is inscribed on each card. The NFTs were sold for US$99 each, and 45,000 were produced. 

Of the whole collection of NFTs, 44,000 seem to have been up for sale, indicating that Trump likely kept 1,000 personally. The purchasers comprised 115 collectors each of whom purchased 45 NFTs, securing a place for a meal with Trump at Mar-a-Lago. There were 100 NFTs available, and a further 17 people bought them.

Trump’s NFT decline coincides with the so-called “crypto winter.” The Trump Virtual Trading Cards did not precisely set the world on fire, however, his collection appears to have done better than his spouse Melania Trump’s Head of State Collection, that she was obliged to purchase on her own owing to a lack of interest.

Opinions On The NFT Collection

One Twitter user noted that “The Legend of Cockpunch” outperformed the collection, which prevented it from breaking the top 10 on OpenSea. As indicated by tweets claiming some individuals bought a Trump NFT “for the lulz,” “for the culture,” or even “for the memes,” it seems that NFT aficionados bought in since they found it amusing or ludicrous. Others claimed that purchasing and selling Trump NFTs was a “degen” play for idle traders.

Other Twitter users were researching pop culture visual artist Clark Mitchell as well as the artwork he produced for the collection while some were looking into wallet addresses or collection prizes. The creator of On-Chain TV, Morgan Sarkissian, tweeted a picture of an NFT that appeared to still contain a watermark of Shutterstock and showed the 45th president dressed in a space outfit.


While some users are liking these NFTs, some are still questioning the actual value of buying these collectables.

ROI on the Donald Trump NFT Collection: 3X

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