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EGW Capital To Hire 5,000 Independent Sales Agents In India

EGW Capital, the prominent Blockchain investment bank will hire 5,000 independent sales agents in India. The role of these agents will be to sell crypto staking related products across the nation. These agents will not be paid any regular salaries but a one-time joining bonus of US $500 (Rs 37,500) will be paid in tranches, the rest of their earnings will be generated through commissions depending on their sales accomplishments.

These independent sales agents will also undergo compulsory training concerning Blockchain and will receive Certification from EGW Academy for a fee of US $10 (Rs 750) which is originally priced at the US $250 (Rs 18,750).

A sales agent can earn commissions ranging from 6-10% and the work will be executed strictly from home and can be performed parallel to their existing job or by making it a regular job.

What is Crypto Staking?

The crypto staking is an investment strategy through which investors earn a fixed income. The staking programs which will be offered by EGW Capital will offer capital guaranteed products that will provide either fixed or floating income.

Staking is similar to investing in fixed deposits but for a shorter period (less than 12 months) for an interest income ranging from 8-29% annually with minimum investments of US $150 and above. Staking is free of counterparty risks as it is supported by millions of members in the network whereas in the case of fixed deposits the execution depends on the performance of the bank. Staking equally divides the risk, hence, substantially reducing the business risks.

When will the hiring begin?

The hiring will begin early next month. The training will be provided in both Hindi and English through online webinars. Over 5,000 people will be trained on the usage of blockchain and crypto.

”EGW Capital is committed to building a solid crypto distribution network in India. We will be selling our crypto products along with third-party products like crypto mining which complement our investment strategies” said Rahul Kumar, CEO of EGW Capital.

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