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Entrepreneur and CEO of Vmeets Mohammed Saleem on his plans to boost innovation in the virtual events space

We recently sat down with the Founder and CEO of Vmeets, Mohammed Saleem to talk about the future of virtual events.

  • What have you guys been up to and what is Vmeets?

Simply put, Vmeets is a modern digital experience platform.

The ongoing pandemic has changed the way people do business.  We are looking at new and innovative ways to help the global business community interact and network efficiently. Coming from the events industry, it was quite natural for us to venture into virtual and hybrid events.

  • Why are virtual events important and why is there such a buzz around this?

Given the current global scenario, virtual events have become the new normal. The pandemic has forced major event organizers to rethink their strategies and transition to an online alternative. With over 300 online platform providers, the virtual events space is red hot for growth and innovation.

  • How has the pandemic affected the events industry and your business?  

The ongoing pandemic adversely impacted the events and conference industry. We saw major conferences and events being either postponed or cancelled owing to the risks of transmission and lockdowns. On the brighter side – the pandemic has also accelerated digital transformation and fundamentally changed the way humans interact.

At Vmeets we are constantly studying human interaction and pushing for innovations in virtual business networking.

How do you think Vmeets will boost networking in the virtual events space? 

The whole point of attending a physical conference is to benefit from networking and knowledge-sharing.

At Vmeets, we are integrating smart networking, attendee match-making, community chat, virtual photo booth, and more at a very affordable price – that’s the difference between us and other market leaders. 

  • Could you tell us how Vmeets is unique from other Virtual event platforms?

Vmeets was designed by events industry experts with more than 8 decades of experience. Furthermore, the entire team at Vmeets comes from an events background. This and the platform’s feature-packed yet affordable model make it the ideal choice for event organizers.

Whether you want to host a small boardroom meeting, a mid-sized conference, or a large trade show of thousands of attendees and exhibitors, Vmeets has you covered.

  • Now that this is ready for consumer application, what’s next?

There is a lot of buzz around online events but at Vmeets we’re exploring the future of not just events but human interaction. We’re building for hybrid experiences. The planet will take time to heal and return to normal – until then virtual events will play an important part in the business ecosystem. Once things are back to normal – hybrid events will become the norm. This I believe will be the new reality for events.

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