Ethereum Classic (ETC) Has Broken Above a Key Resistance Zone, What’s Next?

In recent market developments, Ethereum Classic (ETC) has showcased pronounced volatility, capturing the attention of cryptocurrency investors and analysts alike. Over the previous week, Ethereum Classic (ETC) experienced a notable upswing in its value, registering a 4.0% increase as its price escalated from $19.07 to a peak of $20.04. Despite this upward trend, the cryptocurrency witnessed a temporary retraction, dipping to $20.39 by Friday afternoon.

The volatility of Ethereum Classic is not occurring in isolation but is part of a larger narrative unfolding within the crypto industry. Analysts point to the growing anticipation surrounding the potential approval of a Bitcoin ETF by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a key factor influencing market movements.

The impact of these market dynamics on Ethereum Classic (ETC) is particularly significant. The approval of a Bitcoin ETF is widely expected to enhance liquidity and deepen market participation, yet it also introduces the possibility of amplified volatility. Larger capital inflows, driven by institutional investments, may lead to more pronounced price movements, as even minor trading activities could have magnified effects on the market.

For Ethereum Classic (ETC), this period represents a crucial juncture. It highlights the delicate balance between regulatory developments, investor sentiment, and market dynamics. It has recently broken a key resistance level, but most investors still have no idea what the future might hold in store for it. That’s what we are going to address in the text below.

We will also note that while Ethereum Classic showcases the inherent volatility and opportunities in the crypto market, ScapesMania represents a new kind of crypto projects that blend technology, gaming, and community governance.

ScapesMania (MANIA): A Rising Contender in the Crypto Space

In contrast to Ethereum Classic (ETC), ScapesMania presents a unique proposition in the crypto market.  It really has become a synonym for originality. ScapesMania stands out from the crowd of underrated altcoins and well-established crypto titans because of its innovative revenue streams and meteoric rise in its presale.

Backed by an award-winning team, ScapesMania is all about safety, having successfully passed audits by top-tier security labs. With a presence on key exchanges on the horizon, ScapesMania is poised for visibility and liquidity, which are going to fuel its growth.

What is a Presale?

The purpose of a crypto presale is to provide interested parties a chance to learn about and perhaps buy a new coin before it is officially released and listed on online trading platforms. Plus, it’s a great way to acquire tokens at a much lower price than they will be once the project goes live.

The current ScapesMania presale is gathering steam by the day, giving traders a small window of opportunity to leverage this token while it is still in its initial stages. Joining the presale enables you to save significantly as ScapesMania is expected to surge in value upon listing. Such offers don’t last long – as the clock is ticking, the opportunity to acquire discounted ScapesMania tokens is slipping away.

Is ScapesMania Going to Be the Hottest Altcoin of 2023 and Beyond?

Several factors point to ScapesMania being the most promising new cryptocurrency of 2023:

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Price Forecast: Ethereum Classic (ETC) Market Position and Future Prospects

In the short term, Ethereum Classic’s price exhibits a degree of volatility, reflective of the broader crypto market dynamics. The recent price surge to $20.04, followed by a minor pullback to $20.39, indicates a market responding actively to both internal and external stimuli. The trading volume of ETC has seen a significant increase, suggesting heightened investor interest and activity.

Looking beyond the immediate horizon, Ethereum Classic’s position appears cautiously optimistic. The cryptocurrency has a moderate volatility ranking of 26, indicating a balance between stability and price responsiveness. This is crucial for attracting both individual and institutional investors who seek growth opportunities without excessive risk.

The current circulating supply of 143.20 million, about 67.96% of its max supply, suggests a level of scarcity that could drive price appreciation in the future. Furthermore, the current resistance levels around $19.85 and $23.03, coupled with support levels at $10.32 and $13.50, delineate a potential price range for strategic trading and investment decisions.

The long-term prospects of Ethereum Classic also depend on broader market trends, including the evolution of blockchain technology, adoption rates, and regulatory developments. As a pioneer in the blockchain space, Ethereum Classic may benefit from increased recognition of blockchain’s utility in various sectors, potentially driving up its value.

While Ethereum Classic currently faces market volatility, its future prospects appear promising after it broke through a very important resistance level of around $19.85.


Ethereum Classic (ETC) and ScapesMania represent two diverse aspects of the cryptocurrency market, each with its unique challenges and opportunities. Ethereum Classic (ETC), with its recent break above key resistance levels, exemplifies the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, influenced by market dynamics and regulatory developments. Its moderate volatility and market position suggest a cautious but optimistic future, balancing potential growth with manageable risk.

In contrast, ScapesMania (MANIA) offers a fresh perspective in the crypto space, focusing on the integration of Web3 concepts with the gaming industry. Its innovative approach, leveraging DAO governance and tapping into the lucrative gaming market, positions it as a potentially stable and promising investment. The excitement around its presale and the potential for significant returns highlight its appeal to a diverse range of investors.

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