Ethereum Price Surge Makes LA Student a Crypto Whale; BlockDAG Holds Similar 20,000x ROI for Early Backers

In the world of crypto, tales of early investors transforming a modest capital of a few thousand dollars into a fortune worth millions are not uncommon, and Cooper Turley’s story is only one example of such meteoric success.

Cooper Turley, who began investing in crypto while in college, has turned his early investment in Ethereum into a seven-figure fortune. His journey into crypto started with an interest in how Ethereum could revolutionize the music industry, leading him to become a self-taught expert in the field. Through strategic investments, especially in DeFi during its explosive growth in “DeFi Summer” 2020, Turley has not only achieved financial freedom but also helped his family pay off debt.

Now living in Los Angeles, Turley continues to immerse himself in the crypto world, working with Audius as an angel investor and advisor, underscoring the transformative potential of diligent and informed crypto investing despite its inherent risks.

BlockDAG (BDAG) – A Beacon of 20,000X ROI Potential

Although many believe that the golden era of crypto is over and the kind of meteoric returns seen by early investors like Cooper Turley are no longer attainable, this is far from the truth. Crypto is alive and kicking, and some emerging crypto projects stand poised to offer similar, if not greater, returns. Among these, BlockDAG (BDAG) stands out as a beacon of 20,000X ROI potential.

BlockDAG’s journey began with a bang, drawing over $1 million within 24 hours of its presale launch. BlockDAG has secured $15.3 million at press time and plans to raise $600M by the end of 2024.

BlockDAG aims to address the blockchain trilemma—security, scalability, and decentralisation—through its groundbreaking hybrid model merging blockchain with DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) architectures, presenting a compelling case for being the next giant leap in blockchain technology. This DAG-blockchain fusion allows for transaction speeds of 10,000 to 15,000 TPS, a significant improvement over existing blockchain solutions, including Ethereum in its current state, making it a formidable contender in the race for blockchain supremacy.

However, just like Ethereum, BlockDAG doesn’t settle for just being a ledger for crypto transactions. It also supports smart contract deployment and presents a comprehensive ecosystem that enables the development of Dapps, NFTs, and utility tokens.

From an investment standpoint, early investors have already seen substantial returns, with a 350% unrealised ROI from its first presale batch to the eighth batch. This early success mirrors Ethereum’s initial phase, where early investment and a robust foundational technology offered unparalleled growth opportunities. Looking ahead, analysts project BlockDAG to explode by 20,000x in the coming years, praising its revolutionary blockchain-DAG model and robust tokenomics.

Similar to how Ethereum’s introduction of smart contracts revolutionised the blockchain space, BDAG’s high transaction throughput and revolutionary blockchain-DAG hybrid architecture could pave the way for a new era of decentralised applications. This could lead to exponential market growth and reward early investors with returns reminiscent of Ethereum’s early days.

A Future Where History Repeats?

As BDAG strides forward, the parallel with Ethereum’s early days becomes increasingly evident. For investors looking for the next big opportunity in the blockchain space, BDAG represents an investment in new technology and a belief in the potential for history to repeat itself.

BlockDAG is in its eighth (out of 45) presale batch, with BDAG coins priced at $0.0045 each. The presale price will rise with each subsequent batch, culminating at $0.05 by the final batch. Analysts hail BlockDAG as the next crypto to explode 20,000X once its mainnet is fully operational. For those willing to venture early into BDAG, the rewards could be as monumental as those enjoyed by the early backers of Ethereum, marking another chapter in the ongoing evolution of the crypto saga.

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