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Explore RareMall with MALL Token

RareMall has come to empower both traders and customers with hassle-free access to top trending NFT products, making it an attractive platform for online transactions. Each stakeholder in RareMall reaps different benefits. Some of the key stakeholders in the forum include investors, NFT sellers, buyers, and crypto traders. All these users can benefit from monetization and token trading experience.

The platform allows users to create NFT art and trade them easily in the market. RareMall introduces a straightforward basic functionality that enables a single click Buy and & Sell process and auction for high-valued content.

RareMall is the first few NFT marketplace honors user’s engagement and commits to bringing value with the revolutionary features below:

  • Interactive social media integration: RareMall values creativity and offers users a space to display their NFTs existing or collected NFTs. Profiles & portfolio pages resemble social media, making it possible for users to update information, share personal preferences, and enjoy following and likes while interacting with other users.
  • Radically advanced filter & search navigation system: RareMall puts forward a powerful solution for analyzing, aggregating, and extracting data for users. Users can sort out data by date, week, month, and year. This mechanism helps the user research and discover patterns and auctions rates to make rational buying decisions.
  • Auction LIVE Chat: The platform has a live auction chat backed with moderators and algorithms to keep it safe and user-friendly. Sellers can create a public chat group for bidders to participate and make successive bids. Besides speeding up the exchange, the live chat feature creates a FOMO effect.

MALL Token introduction

RareMall is governed and fueled by its native MALL Token. The Token has a variety of uses, such as:

  1. Governance: Users holding MALL Token have the right to vote for critical changes of RareMall.
  2. Utility Functions
  • Payment: the Token is used to pay for transaction fee on the RareMall marketplace 
  • Exhibit fees: users can buy placements to put their NFTs on any online exhibitions on RareMall.
  • Royalty: the Token is used to pay authors for their authorization rights as a secondary sale’s commission.
  1. DeFi Functionalities 
  • Lend/borrowing: users can put their NFT assets as collateral for loans or offer loans to other users on their NFTs.
  • Staking/earning: users can stake Mall in their wallets or other NFT holder’s wallets for a particular period to receive rewards from RareMall.
  • Yield Farming: users can earn fixed or variable interest by investing in virtual currencies in the DeFi ecosystem.

Token allocation

  • Token Sale:: 200,000,000 Representing 20%
  • Liquidity Fund: 50,000,000 Representing 5%
  • Staking Reward: 100,000 Representing 10%
  • Future Reserve Expansions: 100,000,000 Representing 10%

Currently, RareMall is preparing for the presale phase.

  • Tokens Available: 25,000,000
  • Price: $0.008 (⅕ of the price at IDO phase)
  • Starting Date: Jul 30, 2021
  • Visit:


Email: [email protected]

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