Five Common Warehouse Management Mistakes to Avoid

Must avoid these warehouse management mistakes in future

When running a warehouse, there are a lot of plates spinning at the same time. To make it a more memorable and enjoyable job, it’s worth making sure to avoid common mistakes that warehouse managers can get into from time to time. Mistakes can be very costly, and could make you lose your job, or even worse, torpedo a company. Read on now to make sure that you aren’t making these mistakes. 

Bad Inventory Management

Poor inventory management can cause massive headaches when it comes to logistical operations. For example, having too much expensive inventory or the wrong storage facilities can quickly pile up into a catastrophe. The trick here is to keep the inventory lean by making sure you are running according to the just-in-time manufacturing principle. If you are not sure where to start, it might make sense to bring in an external consultant for warehouse optimization

Poor Use of Space

Using space poorly basically means that you are not making as much money as you should. The reason for this is you are not optimizing the space on hand to use it efficiently.  This can easily be averted, however. Before deciding on buying another warehouse or creating additional space, it’s worth taking full stock of the space that you already have and figuring out key ways that it can be improved. 

Not Embracing Automation

It’s normal to be resistant to change, but one area where this can be potentially lethal to your business is by not embracing the potential of automation. This is because automation can be a surefire way to increase the productivity of your space. For example, Walmart introduced drones that they believed would help their warehouses and arguably the company has truly reaped the benefits of such a decision. 

Forgetting Health and Safety Protocols

Health and safety guidelines might be quite a pain, especially as it can feel that they get in the way of proper work. Nonetheless, they should be strictly adhered to as they are there to help your workers as opposed to hinder them.  This is especially true considering the amount of coronavirus cases coming out of factories. The last event that you want to befall your warehouse is somebody getting injured, potentially causing a scandal or a costly lawsuit. Make sure that there is a dedicated professional on hand who can help you deal with any health and safety needs that you might have. 

Not Using Warehouse Management Technology 

If you want to make your life a whole lot easier, it makes sense to embrace the power of technology to identify any stocking gaps that you might have. Warehouse management technology has come a long way in the last few years, meaning that you can use it in order to ensure that your warehouse is running as smoothly as possible. While it may involve a fair few upfront costs, this is nothing compared to the large amounts of money you will save in the long run as a result of increased efficiency.

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