From Turmoil to Walmart: The Remarkable Turnaround of Pudgy Penguins by Luca Netz

In the fast-moving world of NFT collections, few projects have seen a complete rebirth like Pudgy Penguins. The journey of the brand, from its controversial beginnings to its current mainstream success, is an insightful case study in resilient community-building and strategic leadership.


  • Pudgy Penguins is an NFT collection of 8,888 unique cartoon penguins with traits like outfits, glasses, and backgrounds
  • The project launched in 2021 but was acquired in 2022 by Luca Netz after community backlash against original founders
  • Under new leadership, Pudgy Penguins launched toy products in major retailers like Walmart and Amazon
  • Toys come with QR codes that give access to Pudgy World metaverse and ability to claim NFT character
  • Project aims to make blockchain tech accessible through its cute IP and build the first mass market consumer brand in crypto

Pudgy Penguins launched in 2021 as a collection of 8,888 cute cartoon penguins with unique visual attributes. The art was meant to symbolize positive virtues. However, unmet promises from the original founders led to community unrest.

By early 2022, allegations of a rug pull and cash grab were rampant. The floor price sank below 0.6 ETH as trust deteriorated. In January 2022, a vote officially removed the founders from the project.

Enter Luca Netz, a Los Angeles entrepreneur who saw beyond the turmoil and recognized Pudgy Penguins’ potential. He acquired the flailing project in April 2022 for 750 ETH. ( Around $2.5 Million at the time. )

Reviving a damaged brand in Web3 posed major challenges. But Netz believed in the power of Pudgy Penguins’ IP and the loyalty of its community. He focused on rebuilding trust and outlining a new roadmap.

A key part of Netz’s vision was expanding the brand into mainstream channels. He wanted to use the mass appeal of Pudgy Penguins to showcase the potential of blockchain technology.

Within months of taking over, Pudgy Penguins shocked the crypto world by becoming the first NFT brand to launch toy products with major retailers. The cuddly plushies landed on shelves in over 2,000 Walmart stores, as well as on Amazon.

The toys’ QR codes linked to Pudgy World, a metaverse where buyers could claim NFT characters. According to Netz, leveraging the cute IP to distribute crypto to the public was crucial for mainstream adoption.

The Walmart launch aligned with Netz’s goal of “creating crypto’s first true consumer brand.” Pudgy Penguins could introduce web3 in an accessible way while also sharing revenue opportunities with NFT holders.

The retail toys quickly gained sales momentum, vindicating Netz’s strategy. His leadership and transparent communication rebuilt trust within the restored Pudgy Penguins community.

In 2022, Netz also raised $9 million in a seed round to fund future growth. Investors recognized Pudgy Penguins’ impressive revival under his guidance.

Netz has emphasized community-centered governance in decision making. Holders can license the IP for commercial uses, participate in partnerships, and receive promotional support.

This inclusive approach gives the community a real stake in the brand’s success. Holders are incentivized to actively expand the Pudgy Penguins ecosystem.

In addition to the retail toys, Netz is spearheading new initiatives like Pudgy Penguin-themed arcade games arriving in 2024. There are also plans for books, films, and TV shows in the works.

The project’s remarkable turnaround is a case study in resilient leadership. Netz overcame major backlash to transform Pudgy Penguins into a mainstream pioneer. His strategic vision executed on the brand’s untapped potential.

Defying the typical lifecycle of hyped NFT projects, Pudgy Penguins is building staying power. Under Netz’s guidance, the brand aims to achieve an ambitious goal – becoming crypto’s first sustainable mass market consumer company.

Can he do it? I wouldn’t bet against him…

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