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FrontFanz Announces IEO on ExMarkets After Successfully Completing Two Private Rounds Raising $500,000 USD

The fan-focused Web3 subscription platform is ready to go mainstream with ExMarket’s market-leading crypto crowdfunding services on July 20th!

FrontFanz, a revolutionary Web3 content-sharing platform that connects content creators with fans and monetization opportunities, has successfully completed its $500,000 USD private sale, and is gearing up for its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on July 20th, 2022

What’s FrontFanz?

FrontFanz is the next evolution in the distribution of fan-based content sharing. The platform boasts a censorship-resistant model where content creators can safely and efficiently create content, engage with fans, and grow their brand without fear of demonetization. 

After coming out of stealth mode, FrontFanz quickly established itself as a fair and transparent platform that puts its focus on its fans. Content creators can create, share, and monetize their content without the fear of censorship, chargebacks or de-platforming. 

Founded by Rosey Sin and Stacey Carlaa, two well-known and respected figures in the social media and content creation spaces. They have collectively signed over 400 new content creators who generate around $48 million annually and reach over 32 million users across social media.

While the social media and content creator movements continue to gain widespread acceptance and adoption, many influencers continue to face an uphill task when it comes to sharing and monetizing their content online. From strict content guidelines and complex payment processing procedures to chargebacks and other inefficiencies, too many influencers are sidelined by what is an otherwise lucrative market that everyone should be able to participate in.

While the concept of a decentralized content streaming service is not new, it still faces quite a few obstacles. Enter FrontFanz. Its growing popularity resulted in a booming community, with influencers like Sonia Amat, Swedish Bella, Ana Espinola, Dalila Ortega, Andrew England, Ruby Alexia, Crystal Foster, Alenee Aisha, Missbkreutz, and Jade Filomena. And it sure doesn’t look like FrontFanz will slow down anytime soon. 

Why ExMarkets?

ExMarkets is a next-generation crypto crowdfunding platform that focuses on delivering the tools needed for crypto projects to achieve success. It’s the world’s #1 crypto crowdfunding platform that harnesses the power of the community to deliver capital solutions to promising crypto initiatives. 

With a wide range of services offered, including IEO launchpad, token listing, and market-making services, as well as staking, ambassadorships and partnerships with leading figures in the industry and open staking pools, ExMarkets is the new, best-in-class platform for all your project’s fundraising and investment needs. If you’d like to learn more about ExMarkets, visit their homepage.

FrontFanz IEO on ExMarkets

The IEO sale will launch on July 20th and will last for 20 days. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of a truly forward-looking and unique platform. To learn more about FrontFanz and how to sign up for the IEO, please visit us here.

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