Gleec Coin: Newly Listed on Six Top 30 Exchanges

The Gleec coin is listed on six new exchanges, all of which are a part of the global Top 30 exchanges, according to Coinmarketcap. Some of the exchanges that listed Gleec coin are MEXC, Phemex, and With more listings, the liquidity for Gleec coin will improve.

The CEO of the Exchange, another exchange that plans to list Gleec coin, commented,

“We are excited to welcome a valuable project like Gleec, which has real utility and can positively impact the entire crypto ecosystem and make DeFi more accessible to everyone. Gleec’s mission aligns with our philosophy of aiming to make blockchain available across the world and over a wide range of industries.”

Gleec is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem that is building deep liquidity for its native token, which should help to attract new investors. While the listings were just announced, the actual listings will take place over the coming weeks.

Building Liquidity for the Future

There is no doubt that sentiment in the crypto sector is at a low ebb, but much like the crypto winter of 2018, there is every reason to think that brighter days are ahead. Gleec sees this opportunity, and is working to boost liquidity for the GLEEC/BTC and GLEEC/USDT pairs.

With shared liquidity between a range of top-tier trading platforms, price discovery will improve. By addressing fragmented circulation the entire ecosystem will strengthen. In addition, as liquidity rises, trade speed should rise too, as numerous exchanges drive the depth of the order book.

Brighter Days

The crypto ecosystem is growing, and new use cases, like DeFi and NFTs keep making an impact on development. While these new technologies are promising, the base of the industry is public blockchains. With this, the core tokens, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, will always have a market.

Erik Voorhees, the crypto entrepreneur, said,

I’m much more confident with crypto than with banks or fiat currency because I can actually control it, and the money supply is transparent, stated up front. It makes online shopping a lot easier and a lot safer.

Voorhees isn’t alone in his views. In fact, in nations where the national currency is difficult to use, cryptos come to the rescue.

In places like Argentina or Venezuela crypto use is common, and in addition to giving people an easy way to deal with inflation, crypto also allows people to send money both domestically, and internationally.

To be sure, there is more work to be done, which is why it is heartening to see Gleec taking time in today’s crypto winter to push development, and deepen its coin’s liquidity.

Making More Connections

Glecc opted to deepen its liquidity profile to help traders, and also anyone who wants to use Gleec coin with a Visa Debit Card. Today it is simple to use cryptos as cash in the fiat world, and Gleec wants its coin to be as simple as possible to use.

As a result of its new listings, Gleec coin will also be usable with, a popular custody wallet that features more than 30 digital assets. With all these new options, and stable platform, Gleec’s profile is on the rise.

Markets thrive on liquidity, and Gleec is making its assets more liquid globally. This is great for current holders, and should attract more people to the coin.

Check Out Gleec!

Gleec has a fully featured crypto trading ecosystem, and its own debit card that allows its clients to spend crypto like cash. As the global financial landscape changes, the platform will become more attractive.

People need alternatives, and cryptos are it. To learn more about Gleec, just click here!

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