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Heralding Waffle Exchange: Here are The Pre-Sale Details

Waffle Exchange is a decentralized exchange aggregator, coming to you on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and for the BSC. The project is bringing to light its public pre-sale set to commence on 16 April at 18.00 UTC. 

The project also released what they wish to achieve from the pre-sale with their hard cap set at 1500 BNB with 1 BNB equivalent to 6666 $WAF. The listing price will stand at 4800 $WAF per 1 BNB. Users can contribute a maximum of 10 BNB during the pre-sale. Moreover, the project plans on a 50% liquidity lock before the pre-sale.

Waffle Exchange is yet to release the instructions potential investors will use during the pre-sale. To get information on that, you can follow updates on @waffleexchangeannouncement.

Since the project has not gone online yet, it advises its users to be careful in their undertakings to veer away from any scams. Furthermore, it has pointed out that no admin will DM you first in any case.

Earlier on, it conducted its initial seed round on Pinpoint Capital, expanding its exposure. It managed to complete the seed round in 500 BNB in less than 30 seconds. 

Understanding Waffle Exchange

The Waffle exchange stands as non-custodial, meaning all users handle all transactions singularly from their BSC wallet. 

The Waffle Aggregator has its primary objectives towards offering the best BNB prices on all BSC-based decentralized exchanges. Moreover, the project hopes to present Initial Litigation Offering (ILO) characteristics to encourage the network’s growth.

It invested in making the ecosystem’s processes automated to maintain user convenience during swaps on BSC DEXs. 

Combined with that is the sourcing of liquidity from BSC DEXs, including BurgerSwap and PancakeSwap. This factor will provide the best token swap rates for all customers, faster and better than they would on a single exchange. 

A Safer Environment for You with The Complete Audit

In April 2021, Waffle involved CTDSec to audit all of its smart contracts to point out any security loopholes that may show up in the contracts’ build. 

After gaining access to the systems, CTDSec thoroughly researched, reviewed, and investigated the project to report any issues that they may have encountered. Subsequently, they gave a detailed report on all the attacks launched against the smart contracts. 

There were no high severity issues and one low severity issue; there was a division before multiplying in part of the smart contract code that could lead to wrong calculations. As a recommendation, the auditing company suggested multiplying before dividing to ensure the correct results.

However, the auditing company warns users that that is not an absolute reassurance that no problems may come up. 

Consequently, it advised Waffle Exchange to actively set up a bug bounty plan to encourage users to look for and report any smart contracts issues. 

Waffle Exchange’s Features

To begin with, Waffle Exchange creates liquidity for the Binance Smart Chain. The user interface is designed to provide a straightforward structure for users to work with; all liquidity and rates of multidex exchanges appear on the same platform. 

The platform supports governance in that users have a say in its fees and rewards. Coming soon after its launch is staking pools and yield farming, along with a sophisticated governance system. 

There are no KYC requirements on the platform; therefore, users do not have to provide their personal information while participating in the project.

You can interact with the growing Waffle Exchange community today on Telegram and Twitter for more information on the progression of the project.

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