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Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Team Computers join Trescon’s Big CIO Show as Co-Powered Sponsors

The 10th edition of the globally acclaimed show virtually connected over 300 online participants from across India, who discussed the emerging tech solutions and strategies for 2021 and beyond. Ranganath Sadasiva, CTO, Hybrid IT, Hewlett Packard Enterprise shared his insights on fueling edge-to-cloud digital transformation and more.

Tuesday, 01 June 2021: As the leaders in the edge-to-cloud platform, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Team Computers Co-Powered the 10th edition of Big CIO Show – India. The show virtually connected over 300 online participants from across India, including major stakeholders of India’s technology ecosystem such as government think-tanks, technology experts and leading technology solution providers.

The virtual conference explored sectors of critical infrastructure where Digital Transformation can help the nation boost economic competitiveness with the region’s top technology leaders and the global technology fraternity.

One of the top technology leaders and speakers who joined the conversation was Ranganath Sadasiva, Chief Technology Officer, Hybrid IT, HPE. Ranganath is responsible for bringing in thought leadership across HPE’s Hybrid IT business and delivering the best-in-class technology experience for customers.

He enlightened the audience through the technical session on ‘Fuelling edge to cloud Digital Transformation with Hewlett Packard Enterprise.’ 

His presentation covered the macro trends leading to accelerated Digital Transformation and Digital Technologies enabling this transition. He spoke of ‘HPE Ezmeral software’ portfolio that enables the transformation of apps, data, and operations by running modern containerized applications and optimally manage their environments from infrastructure up the stack, allowing customers to harness data and turn it into insights with enterprise-grade security, and cost and compliance visibility.   

While talking about HPE’s latest announcements, he spoke of how it was time to reimagine Data Management and how this will be a game-changer. HPE’s vision of Unified DataOps empowers customers to break down the silos and complexity to accelerate data-driven transformation. He introduced the audience to their new offerings called Data Storage Cloud Central – a Unified cloud data services and HPE Alletra – cloud-native data infrastructure.

While talking about HPE’s new Compute Launch for the data-driven transformation, he stated, “HPE essentially focuses on workloads that prevail in the marketplace today and ensure that it delivers the right kind of compute resources for everything as a service.” He concluded the keynote by stating that, “It is your data, it is your agility, it is your innovation, and we will ensure that you unleash it till the last”.

He was also a part of an interesting panel discussion about ‘How SDX enables Digital Transformation’ where the panellists discussed how the rising customer expectations and global trends are forcing shifts in computing, storage, security, and networking; and how the evolution of the cloud is fuelling the software-defined revolution and driving the need for next-gen, “cloud-first” infrastructures and much more. He remarked “Software-Defined help’s deliver SCALE + AGILE = SCAGILE enterprises” 

The panellists who joined him in the discussion include Golok Kumar Simli – CTO, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India; Kaushik Majumder – Head of IT, Digital Services & Information Protection Officer, South Asia BASF India Ltd; Milind Khamkar – Group CIO, SUPER-MAX; and Prasanna Lohar – Chief Innovation Officer, DCB Bank. 

The show was hosted on the virtual events platform Vmeets to help participants network and conduct business in an interactive and immersive virtual environment. Participants could also engage with speakers in Q&A sessions and network with solution providers in virtual exhibition booths, private consultation rooms and private networking rooms.

Here are a couple of upcoming events you might be interested in attending: Event calendar.

About Big CIO Show – India 

Big CIO Show is a thought-leadership-driven, business-focused initiative that provides a platform for CIOs who are looking to explore new-age technologies and implementing them in their organisations.

For further details, please contact:

Monith M Shetty

Corporate Communication Executive

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