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How to benefit from the rise of NFTs

Rise of NFTs

Lately, non-fungible tokens have become popular on blockchain technology. Through this technology, artists can create collectible digital artworks, game artifacts, and other items to attract many collectors, traders, and developers. Currently, there are countless NFT projects in the market. So, the competition is high, and NFT project owners must use various tactics to promote their NFT projects. 

  1. Development of a community for NFT project

A crypto community is an essential component of your NFT project. Therefore, the first step of your marketing is to create an NFT community. This community will help to spread the word about your offerings. Here are some steps you follow to build an NFT community:

  • Social Media Marketing: Ensure to embrace your social networks to develop an NFT community. If you can create engaging posts, your social group will share them, and word will spread quickly. Your ideal target audience is not only people conversant with blockchain technology but general audiences as well. A professional marketing company like TokenMinds can help you manage your social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Medium strategically. 
  • Telegram and Discord Chats: Discord is one of the best alternatives to Telegram as it allows users to develop multiple chats in the same channel. The NFT sector resembles the gaming industry for which Discord was developed. But marketers should also have an account of Telegram because of the massive numbers of active blockchain enthusiasts there. When using these social media sites, ensure that you have a professional team that responds professionally to all the queries from community members.
  • Community engagement: creating hype around your NFT project can promote your marketing efforts. Through this method, you can also receive valuable responses from community members. However, you should always avoid spreading spam and flood as it can backfire.
  1. Listing your NFTs on top NFT marketplaces

You can list your NFTs on different marketplaces, such as OpenSea, Rarible, and MakersPlace. All platforms  have their unique strengths, users should choose the ones that meet their needs.

‘Most digital-art trading platforms allow creators to gather a royalty. Some art platforms are more exclusive, while others focus on letting anyone create and sell their art.’

Source: Business Insider Africa

  1. Make use of AMA sessions

AMA( Ask Me Anything) sessions are critical to your NFT project because they enable you to introduce your project to the group, to have in-depth knowledge about the idea, and to meet the project team. To optimize benefits from the AMA sessions, you can hold the sessions on expansive Telegram chats and YouTube channels.  You may also promote your AMA sessions through various techniques, like doing airdrops for community members during the sessions.

  1. Crypto Influencers for NFTs

Influencer marketing can deliver exceptional outcomes for your NFT drops. Successful influencers boost the authenticity of your project. NFT projects can work with thought leaders in the industry in different ways to achieve optimized results for your campaigns. For example, an influencer can have an ownership log to drive buzz for the project.

It’s critical to find the relevant influencers in this area to help you popularize your NFT project. Before choosing an influencer, ensure you understand the number of followers and the engagement rate an influencer has.

  1. PR for NFTs

Media can help in popularizing your NFT project if they give it massive coverage. You should use multiple publications and deliver content in various styles. Besides the blockchain media, you can also work with the general media as per the particulars of your project.


There are many ways of promoting your NFT project. Project owners should select methods that are suitable for their NFTs. Some of the methods to use in marketing your NFTs are explored here. Reach out to experts and get ready for the NFT waves.

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