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How to Install KSP Mods!

So, you’ve decided to go ahead and add some KSP Mods to your newly completed space-faring ship. Now it’s time to do the actual installation. There are lots of different methods, so here’s a quick run down of some of the more popular ones.

If you’re using a good garage kit, this is one of the most popular method of installation. To begin with, you need to remove all of the hardware from the nose section of the ship so that it can fit into the garage as one unit. This will leave just the pod portion that needs to be attached to the main body.

Start by removing the nose section of the pod to reveal a sheet of foam, wrapped around a wheel barrow. This foam will be used to support the pod after installation, and is what the wheelbarrow is made of. To make the installation process a lot easier, you can use a foam brush to smooth out the foam as you install the pod, so that it is flush with the other parts of the ship.

This wheelbarrow is actually a part of the garage kits, but you can usually find it sold separately. It’s also important to keep in mind that it’s best to use a wheelbarrow that’s been pre-assembled. This will help reduce the chance of scratching the foam, as well as it will make it a lot easier to put everything back together.

Next, remove the foam by opening the nose of the pod, and then using a small trowel to pull the foam away from the base. You don’t want to get any foam under the outer frame of the pod, so you will have to avoid tearing it off. Once you’ve done this, carefully place the pod into the base.

You’ll now need to attach the metal legs to the underside of the base, using two bolts in each leg. When you’ve done this, the pod will sit flush with the sides of the ship. If you are unsure of where the bolts go, then refer to the instructions on the KSP Forums.

As far as pad spacers go, there is no limit to how many you can use. However, I would suggest cutting the Spacers to fit exactly where you intend to put them. Using only 2mm or so, it will not be noticeable if there is too much of a gap between the edge of the pod and the edge of the pad.

After installing the foam, you should then put some adhesive on the bottom of the nose of the pod, which will also protect the edges. To do this, simply mix the adhesive with hot glue, and apply to the bottom of the pod.

The next thing you’ll need to do is to attach the lid to the pod, using a combination of hot glue and a plastic bolt and washer. Again, it’s best to cut a corner off a piece of foam to fit perfectly onto the lid, so that it will not shift around as you apply the screws. If you choose to use a bolt and washer, you’ll also need to attach the lid using a small washer as well.

When you’ve done this, the pod will now sit nicely in place. All you need to do is run a strip of carpet along the bottom of the nose, so that you don’t accidentally scratch it.

There is really just one more thing to do, and that’s to apply an anti-static coating to the lid. This will ensure that no static electricity gets into the cabin of the ship. Depending on your home depot, you may be able to do this yourself.

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