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How to pitch to Tim Draper? Second Part of the interview with the Silicon Valley billionaire

The pandemic has two sides. Despite the obvious negative effects, like the ongoing economic crisis, it also opens new opportunities for technological startups and innovative entrepreneurs. This is confirmed by tens of international investors and largest VC firms, who are looking for unique technological solutions right now. According to a series of interviews by InnMind, #1 in Europe platform for startups & investors, which was made in March-April 2020 with top VC market players, such as Bill Reichert, Tim Draper, Igor Ryabenkiy and others, the market is still alive and most of the interviewees continue or even increase their investment activity since the lockdown.

After the first interview with Tim Draper, founder of Draper VC & Draper University, as an interviewee, and Nelli Orlova, CEO of InnMInd, as an interviewer, the InnMind team received a lot of questions from startup founders. In the second interview, Tim was answering those questions from startup teams on InnMind platform, giving straightforward and detailed answers on how to pitch to Tim Draper and maximise the chances of getting the investments from him. Tim also shared insights about his investment strategy and decision making and explained why startup founders should join Silicon Valley Startup Bootcamp in Europe.

Second interview link:

Although the global pandemic is still taking place all around the world, the mentioned Bootcamp organized together with InnMind and Draper University is planned to take place this October in Catalonia, Spain. It will be a 5-day acceleration intensive crash course for startup teams with a program coming directly from Draper University together with international investors, who will be listening to the startups’ pitches & participating in the networking. From its side, InnMind will bring in European mentors & investors, as well as industry and government representatives who will participate in the bootcamp looking for talent & technological solutions. 

Taking into account the current situation, the organizers have also united to provide online support already now for all the onboarded residents of the Bootcamp to start gaining traction and get prepared for the event starting from this point. This will be achieved by online mentoring sessions with Draper Uni & InnMind experts, warm introductions with potential strategic partners & investors and clients, as well as any kind of online support that will stimulate the teams to move forward before the actual bootcamp.

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