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How to Unforward Calls

Cut Call Forwarding

You have come to the right place if you are looking for how to forward calls. Calls can be routed via one’s phone number and a forwarded call can lead to loss of calls. In today’s business world, a company cannot afford to lose sales or customers.

To deal with unbound calls, a good customer service technician would have to help you in unblocking a call. Some phone companies offer options to the consumer. You can get hold of a technician and have him help you get your calls routed. Once a call is unbound, it is out of service.

A technician would need to know the name of the phone number you want to block and the duration of the unbound. Phone numbers are not the only ones who are unbound. The extension of the number can also be blocked.

Look at the extension. Check with your service provider. Some providers provide blocking for the extensions which are not used. These include extensions like phone numbers or web pages.

In some cases, the extension may be offered for you at no extra charges. But, check whether there are additional services such as the call forwarding, voicemail message. Such services would involve an additional charge.

Call blockers are also used to ban unbound calls. You have to block the number from your phone using your phone’s phone book. The call blocker keeps a record of all unbound numbers and thus stops any further calls to such numbers.

How to forward calls? You have two choices. You can either purchase a program to do this or you can simply follow the instructions given below.

When you check a cell phone on the phone books, look at the phone number, look at the extension. What does it mean?

Look at the phone number. Which extension is used to make the call? How is the extension used to make the call? If the extension is used to make the call, it means that the call is being made to a toll-free number.

If the extension is used to make the call, it means that the call is being made to a regular number and the extension has been used. For example, a regular number like the toll-free number to which the extension has been allocated. What is the extension used for?

Look at the extension. Compare with the extension of the regular number. What is the extension used for?

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