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How to Uninstall XCode on Your Computer

As a Mac pro who uses an iPhone and iMac, I spend quite a bit of time getting xCode updated. There’s just so much potential for improvements in such a vast technology system. With the development of new and exciting applications it’s no wonder that the Apple platform continues to grow.

If you’re like me, XCode is continually updating every day. I’m sure you know that there are many great programs that came to the Apple platform because of its usefulness. The majority of these applications would be more than welcome on your Apple product. So, how do you get rid of all the software that you don’t need?

Let’s go over some different methods, and what they involve. You could manually delete certain files or folders, but some of the program’s has special features that make it even easier.

Some software comes with a virtual machine that allows you to run it from any location on your computer. You can even use this feature with some common programs. When you open up iTunes, you’ll see your virtual machine appears in the task bar. This is very handy for those who do a lot of music and movies on their computer.

Once you install the software, you may be able to create shortcuts for the software. If you do, just open up the task bar and click on it. Next, click the Create Shortcut button. The icons will appear in your desktop which you can drag to any folder you want.

You can also create a virtual machine from within the application itself. Here you’ll find a set of options in the Application tab. Click on “Virtual Machine” and you’ll see a list of applications that you can select from.

virtual machine You can delete these applications and then select “Create Virtual Machine” from the list. This will create a new virtual machine within your system.

The next thing to consider is going to be the File Explorer. Many applications offer this tool. It’s useful to have it on your side. But the thing to remember is that these applications tend to expand a lot of space inside your hard drive.

Also, keep in mind that if you have lots of downloads, you’ll see new ones running constantly. If you have a lot of unused applications, it’s going to become slow. It’s possible to create a virtual machine to temporarily close the apps you don’t need.

Another way to “deactivate” all the virtual machines on your system is to go into the Terminal application and run “rm -rfv.” This will go through all the virtual machines and delete them. Then your desktop will look like you’ve got a brand new one.

It’s always important to be aware of the needs of yourself and your computer. By keeping up to date with the software and providing yourself with more space, you can learn how to remove software. And don’t forget the keyboard!

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