Howard Stern spoke out against Simon Cowell

Howard Stern talks about Simon Cowell “America’s Got Talent” show. According to reports, Howard Stern spoke out against Simon Cowell following Gabrielle Union’s exit from America’s Got Talent (AGT). On Monday 2 December 2019, he spoke in his SiriusXM show. He said, Cowell of having “orchestrated” Union’s departure from the show. 

It means he blamed on Simon Cowell that he is now out of the show. A radio personality discusses both of them. Then he said how it is possible that Simon Cowell has orchestrated this. More he said, as we understand that Simon Cowell sets it up that the men stay. So, it doesn’t matter how ugly they are. Moreover, it also no matter how old they are. We have no problem if they are fat and neither matter how they are talentless. 

The Simon Cowell manages to do on all his shows. As we watch he constantly replaces the hot chicks with hotter chicks and younger chicks. These qualities make him obvious. Moreover, he talks about Howie Mandel and said he doing well. And we want to know that why don’t they change him? Forever. Also, we want to see some changings in Simon Cowell. 

Before leaving the AGT, Stern was a judge on AGT for four seasons. Similarly, the Mandel was also judge and he is currently the longest-serving judge. As he joined the show in 2010 for Season 5. In the last week of November, it announced that Union and Julianne Hough would not be returning to AGT next season. A few days later, it published that “toxic culture” found on the set of AGT.

Howard Stern Speaks Out Against Simon Cowell for Gabrielle Union’s ‘AGT’ Exit
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