Iconic Artist Hunt Slonem Goes Digital With Partnership, a digital art platform, has announced its launch in partnership with internationally celebrated contemporary artist Hunt Slonem.

The collaboration ushers Slonem into the world of digital art for the first time through an inaugural collection called “The Hunt Slonem Experience.”


  • is launching with an inaugural collection in partnership with acclaimed contemporary artist Hunt Slonem
  • The collection called “The Hunt Slonem Experience” bridges physical and digital art, representing Slonem’s first foray into digital
  • Slonem is known for neo-expressionist works featuring bunnies, butterflies and birds
  • Notable provides a frictionless experience to purchase digital and physical art using fiat or crypto
  • The collectible series features 991 unique Slonem artworks available starting February 8th, 2024

The series features 991 unique artworks highlighting Slonem’s famous neo-expressionist paintings of wildlife and nature. Each digital piece comes with the option to redeem a physical print. In bridging physical and digital art, Notable and Slonem aim to reach wider audiences – from devoted collectors to crypto-savvy patrons and everyday art lovers.

Zain Talyarkhan, Notable’s CEO, says the platform marks “the first digital art marketplace created by the art world for the art world.” The former auction house specialist conceived Notable to connect traditional artists with digital realms. Its frictionless sales process, accepting both fiat and crypto, provides a welcoming environment for Web 3 newcomers and veterans alike.

Hunt Slonem’s prolific career lends itself well to ushering fine art into new dimensions. With work housed in over 250 major museum and top galleries globally, the American artist has honed a vibrant style defined by repetitive brushstrokes and bold colors. His whimsical motifs of butterflies, tropical birds and especially bunnies have become contemporary icons.

The Notable partnership continues Slonem’s lifelong adventurous artistic spirit. At age 30, he was commissioned to paint a 145-foot mural at the Quintana Roo Pavilion for HemisFair ’68 in San Antonio. And in 2022, Slonem became the first living artist to exhibit a public art display across the entire Philadelphia Museum of Art façade.

Now Slonem brings that intrepid ethos into web3 through collectible digital art tied to tangible framed prints. Supporting the endeavor is Notable’s user-friendly site designed to simplify purchasing fine art online. Customers can buy using dollars or crypto with just a few clicks.

Unique to this launch, Notable also provides an opportunity for new collectors or crypto-rich patrons with limited wall space. Digital owners can secure the physical art print for future claiming once they have room to display the piece. It allows buyers to begin acquiring an important collection today rather than waiting until life conditions change.

Combined with Notable’s goal of connecting artists and audiences through exclusive event access and behind-the-scenes content, Slonem’s inaugural collection launch appears primed to usher fine art connoisseurship into a new era spanning physical and virtual worlds.

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