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Introducing Raptor City – Two vibrant collections, in attempt to bring cutting-edge and excitement to the NFT Space

Raptor City team is pleased to announce its vibrant collections. It is a sprawling urban playground where every raptor has a unique story to tell. From the bustling piers of Brighthelm Bay to the glittering skylines of Seven Swords, there’s never a dull moment wherever you choose to spend your time in this lively City.

Within Raptor City there is a rich history, and the team will continue to tell its stories across a wide range of media in the near future.

They are inviting creative of all kinds to collaborate in the creation of an expanded universe. To facilitate this, they have created the Raptor City Story Bible – an encyclopedic guide to the history of Raptor City. Using the freedom afforded by NFTs, the aim is to maximise creativity while directly rewarding those collaborators.

Raptor City comprises of the following NFT collections – Clever Girls and Raptor City Rascals.

Clever Girls:

Clever Girls is a bold, striking collection featuring 5555 unique raptor avatars, algorithmically generated using over 200 hand-drawn assets created by Fat Baby NFT.

The project launched on the 1st of September 2021 and soon sold out! Since then, they have expanded their team and are currently hard at work on several cross-media projects to broaden the Clever Girls universe.

They have also collaborated with twelve hugely talented artists who have all reimagined Clever Girls in their own unique, distinctive styles. This groundbreaking concept is giving artists in the space a platform to bring their own Clever girls 1/1 NFTs to life.

All the gamers out there will love “Clever Girls Gone Wild”. A popular interactive game that allows holders to use their NFTs to play alongside other Clever Girls members.

Hidden among the collection are 9 Legendary items, custom-arranged to feature ‘impossible’ trait combinations.

Raptor City Rascals:

The second project featuring the aptly named ‘Rascals’ is bringing a community for the creators out there.

Made from over 160 hand-drawn assets, randomly combined to create avatars of varying rarity, these ‘Rascals’ come in three forms: Organic, Mech, and Shade.

The collection comprises 7000 Organics, 2000 Mechs, and 1000 Shades.

Holding a Raptor City NFT also provides access to the Black Market: a monthly pop-up shop offering everything from free mints and POAPs to limited-edition 1/1s and physical merchandise. In partnership with other creators, they hope to expand their offering to include a wide range of utility and benefits available exclusively to their holders.

There is still time to mint a Raptor City Rascal –

Mint price – 0.05 ETH

Raptor City is a place. The team want to take you there. They are exploring several options for bringing Raptor City to life, and look forward to exploring the city as a fully-realized metaverse virtual space in the not-too-distant future.

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