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Lion Kingdom NFTs Drops on Nov 15: Why Should You Own One (or more)?

NFT enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to as Lion Kingdom is coming. The Lion Kingdom NFT is a collection of 10,000 lion generative artworks in the form of non-fungible tokens. These lions are unique as they are randomly combined with 175 traits. Lion Kingdom is not just a set of PHP NFTs – but a flourishing ecosystem that incorporates exciting gameplay fueled by their $LOK token. On Nov 15th at 2 PM (UTC), one can head to the Lion Kingdom website and be one of their early collectors.

Why mint Lion Kingdom NFTs?

Buyers, collectors, and creators of the Lion Kingdom NFTs will benefit from the growth of the project. Some of the planned features of the NFTs include:

  • Lion Racing Game: This game will be available for all Simba holders with LOK tokens. The first, second, and third players will have awards worthy 300%, 200%, and 100% respectively. Non-simba holders can review the game and bet on a player. The LOK Team plans to conduct weekly and monthly racing competitions.

  • Nala: In the Lion Kingdom NFT, Nala is the female lion that helps in breeding and Kingdom Game. Each Lion will have a chance to establish their own kingdom, expand their territory by breeding and waging fights with other territories.

  • Great Giveaways:The Lion Kingdom launch is complete, and tickets are available for users to claim their NFTs when the gas fee is low. Early users of the NFTs will receive 5 Kingdom airdrops as an appreciation gesture. Users who will be chosen randomly will receive 10 giveaways for Lion Kingdom NFTs.

Winners in the Racing Game will receive awards in the form of LOK Tokens. The token can be used in multiple games, as well as their Staking/Farming system. 

In crypto context, staking means putting up security/collateral to indicate that one supports the protocol. On the other hand, Farming entails offering liquidity to DeFi pools for a yield. Farmers are in constant search for the highest yields to their assets and keep rotating between pools. 

Community Activities

Like many crypto projects, the Lion Kingdom team will depend on the community for support. The Lion Kingdom will be launching a community fund of $50 000. The company intends to use 2.5% of the OpenSee fees for promotion activities. To stabilize The Lion NFTs, Lion Kingdom plans to set up a liquidity pool. Users who join the community will enjoy multiple benefits, including NFT airdrops, Eth giveaways, and NFT gifts. Besides, the community will be a platform for learning and exchanging ideas about NFTs.

Lion Kingdom NFT has airdrops and giveaways worth $14000 for various users. Rewards are grouped into 4 categories as per the type of participants. There is something for random winners, top ten referrers, and 100 random participants.

Where and how to buy

The Lion Kingdom will have a presale event where users can mint NFTs on their website on Nov 15th at 2PM (UTC). Soon the Lion Kingdom NFTs will be also available on OpenSea. To know more about this project, please head to

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