Mahjong Meta Unveils Revolutionary Web3 Esports Platform, Official Launch on August 7th

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, August 8th, 2023, Chainwire

Mahjong Meta, the web3 Riichi Mahjong esports platform, is excited to announce the official launch of its highly anticipated game on August 7th. After a successful two-month Open Beta test that captured the hearts of mahjong enthusiasts, the platform is set to revolutionize the mahjong gaming experience on-chain with its immersive and decentralized gaming experience.

In Mahjong Meta, players can not only participate in various matches such as Ranking, Tournaments, or Playgrounds with other real players, but they can also deploy their pets, known as “Tama,” equipped with customized AI strategies for automatic mahjong battles. This feature has greatly reduced the barrier for new mahjong players and Web3 users, making the gaming experience more accessible and enjoyable.

During the Open Beta period, Mahjong Meta attracted over 15,000 players who collectively participated in more than 490,000 matches, showcasing the game’s immense popularity and potential in the crypto-gaming world. The integration of web3 ownership economics, innovative AI-based gameplay, and stylish graphic design proved to be a winning combination, setting the stage for an extraordinary gaming experience.

Additionally, during the Beta phase, Mahjong Meta introduced 0xMahjong and 0xTama NFTs, with a total trading volume on Opensea approaching 500ETH, further highlighting the growing interest and confidence from the community.

The game’s initial success at this stage can be attributed to its experienced core team which comprises professionals from renowned gaming companies like Tencent, NetEase, Lilith, etc. Inspired by the ancient classic and beloved game Mahjong, which continues to be popular among over 600 million players worldwide, Brice, the game designer of Mahjong Meta reveals that the idea of the game comes from the inherent mathematical beauty of Riichi Mahjong, blending strategy and probability, along with its enduring appeal in strategy, social engagement, gameplay deduction, and cultural significance. Mahjong Meta embraces the “Play to Own & Skill to Earn” philosophy, aiming to establish a blockchain-based Riichi Mahjong esports community and a Mahjong-themed gaming park, co-built with players and supported by asset ownership through blockchain and token-based economy.

The concept of Mahjong Meta, current development progress, and the platform’s immense potential have attracted significant investments from prominent venture capital firms. Dragonfly and Folius led the funding round, underscoring their belief in Mahjong Meta’s vision and potential in the gaming industry. Other notable investors include Meteorite Labs, Find Satoshi Lab, Parallel Ventures, and Emoote. The accumulated investment exceeds $12 million.

Upon its official launch on August 7th, Mahjong Meta unveiled all game-related features, including Ranking, Tama Master, Friends Room, and all NFT markets including Mahjong House, Tama, Fashion, Furniture, etc., offering players a more immersive game-fi experience within the ecosystem. In conjunction with the launch, Mahjong Meta will also offer additional community rewards with its vault system and additional referral rewards for players, encouraging more Mahjong enthusiasts to participate in this exciting gaming experience.

Join Mahjong Meta now as the game sets a new standard for Mahjong gaming, leveraging ownership economy from Web3 to create a real Meta for Mahjong players.

About Mahjong Meta

Mahjong Meta is a game created by former Tencent and Netease employees. With the game, they intend to nurture a community of mahjong lovers while offering a stable and secure game environment. Mahjong fans may now test their talents in novel gameplay modes and compete for potential rewards at stake.

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Brice Vong
Mahjong Meta
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