Mailman to a Crypto Millionaire – Darin Hines Dyoshi Gustavo is Helping Other Crypto Entrepreneurs Grow

Gustavo climbed the financial ladder within a very short period of time. His story is not unlike others in the crypto space, but not all have achieved the same level of influence and notoriety that in such a short time.

The number of people interested in cryptocurrencies has increased massively. Quite a number of people have gone from knowing nothing at all to becoming novices in the industry. This industry is attracting the younger demographic most. One particular young entrepreneur making waves in the crypto space is Darin Hines Dyoshi Gustavo, popularly known as CryptoMesssiah in the social media space, with a massive following.

Early Life

Darin Hines Dyoshi Gustavo was born and raised in Mccomb, Mississippi. Since a young age he had a passion for entrepreneurship and helping people. Gustavo studied at Southwest community college and graduated with a master’s degree in Science. He grew up in a family of 9 children; 3 boys and 6 girls sharing the same father and mother. Before working as a mailman, Gustavo had worked for Husain Abdulla (@HAbdullah39 on twitter), an NFL player. Even though a specific amount hasn’t been mentioned, Gustavo has been helping his family since he acquired his wealth. Gustavo isn’t married and has no children at the moment of writing this article.

Getting into Crypto Investing

In January 2021 Darin Hines Dyoshi Gustavo was working as a postman, delivering mail throughout his neighborhoods, while completely unaware of the existence of the crypto world. He then came across the cryptocurrency market and began research to help him understand the fundamentals of different cryptocurrencies and crypto trading.

During this time, he came across meme coins and saw their potential to grow. He then took the leap and invested in some of the growingly popular meme coins at the time. It paid very well within the following months when the crypto market took off. By the end of December 2021, Gustavo had gone from working as a mailman to being among the most successful crypto traders in the market within a short span of just 10 months.

Gustavo started his crypto entrepreneurship journey when he decided to take a gamble on a meme cryptocurrency known as Shiba Inu ($SHIB). A first of the many calculative decisions he was about to make then. At the time, one million $SHIB tokens traded for about $0.01; a mere fragment of the value they would climb to before long. Looking at the $SHIB price today, the value has increased by over 300,000%.

Gustavo was one of the initial people working with Ryoshi (a musical artist) at the beginning of Shiba Inu, and coined the name Shibaswap. This position helped catapult him into a new financial status. More importantly, he began to cement his place as one of crypto meme coin’s premier influencers. Shiba Inu is currenctly the biggest competitor of dogecoin which was the first meme coin.

Gustavo has become widely regarded for his work as one of the most in-demand promoters of meme coins; a type of cryptocurrency that started as a result of a joke derived from the internet. Many believe that Gustavo’s key strength lies in his abilities as a crypto influencer. He has been focusing on working with legitimate and trusted crypto projects; which isn’t always an easy task in the crypto meme coin space.

Recently, Gustavo has become a core team member of Cheems Inu, an up-and-coming meme token trading on the market. Looking at the enthusiasm around Cheems Inu, it has potential to grow to the level of the most popular meme coins.

Every day, hundreds and even thousands of scam coins are created; siphoning money out of hopeful investors into the pockets of the greedy and deceitful people whom create these false coins. “I lost over $20,000 to scams and Ponzi schemes when I started trying to diversify my investment portfolio,” says Gustavo.


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