Making Money with Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Bitcoin affiliate programs can provide several benefits to the users. It is different and somewhat more complex than the standard cash-based affiliate industry. If you’ve gone through this article, the chances are that you already have a good idea of what affiliate marketing is, and how you can use it to make money online. The affiliate industry is a forward-thinking, which continually adapting by different companies and so it makes sense that affiliates are jumping onto the digital currency bandwagon in droves in order to boost their income and target new markets.

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing digital currency then you need to know how crypto affiliate marketing works or are keen to ensure that you avoid potential scams, read on and we’ll explain everything you need to know. Becoming a Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency affiliate is a wise move for any digital platform, especially as this niche is still in its infancy. This process of marketing blowing up big time, so we can put together a guide on all the best bitcoin and crypto currency affiliate programs, from the best and most popular bitcoin exchanges in the world.

People have been investing, purchasing, and earning Bitcoins since 2010. In addition to exchanging these digital currencies, many companies offer affiliate-networking programs for making extra money and other benefits. Joining bitcoin affiliates program will give you the ability to generate a one time or lifetime opportunity to earn a good amount for each person you directly sends to these platforms or websites for registration or trading.

These platforms are paying for digital marketing for your referrals and you can make money by sending customers to them. Not only does referrals programs drive traffic to their site but also provide earnings to grow their company. Once your referrals person goes to the platform to register or invest, you will earn money.

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Each company has a different referral program. Below is a list of each company whether they offer one-time referral bonuses or a commission from lifetime sales.

CEX.IO – Affiliate Program

CEX.IO was the first cloud-mining provider platform and is one of the most popular exchanges on the internet for the trading of digital currency.

  • Commission Rate

CEX.IO gives a 30% commission on all transactions to their affiliate users. The commission is for the lifetime of each referral.

  • Marketing Tools for Affiliates:

The platform has many promotional tools such as promo codes, referral links, and banners.

Coinbase Affiliate Program

Coinbase is the top bitcoin processing service in the world of digital currency. Coinbase offers $10 as commission for each person you refer to that platform that buys or sells at least $100 within 180 days of registration. The most prominent and important benefit of this program is that your referral will also receive $10. You can both expect the payment within four business days after buy or sell currency through the platform.

Bitfoliex Affiliate program

The Referral Program basically consists of inviting new members to join bitfoliex by opening and verifying an account on through a referral code, and in return, they will get a Traxalt airdrop as a welcome reward. The main message of the Referral Program is sharing an experience with bitfoliex exchange, so the person who invites a new member will also receive a Traxalt airdrop as a reward. The reward of the referral will stay in the bitfoliex wallet and the referral can withdraw the money at anytime from anywhere through this wallet.

LocalBitcoins Affiliate Program

LocalBitcoins is a person-to-person trading platform for bitcoin. This platform attracts users from many different countries to use their exchange platform.

  • Commission Rates:

The platform offers a 20% commission for your affiliates directly to your Local Bitcoins wallet. If you refer both a buyer and seller then you will get a commission from both sides for 40% of the total transaction.

Bitbond Affiliate Program

Bitbond is a bitcoin lender that will pay you for referring both parties “the borrowers and lenders” to their platform. You can earn up to 50% commission from this referral. The platform offers 20% of the original fee as your commission for every borrower you refer to their network. You will also receive an additional 30% commission for every lender you refer to using your referral code or link.

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