Marketing 101: Taking your skincare brand to the next level

Beauty products have become all the rage today, but with so much competition out there, how can you make sure your skincare brand receives the attention it deserves? In this blog, we’ll enlighten you with the best ways to promote your skincare brand.

Any retail store is flooded with skincare products. The competition in the skincare and beauty products industry is indeed fierce, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance to penetrate through the noise if your skincare brand is new or not that well known. Here’s how to build the perfect marketing mix for your brand to increase sales rapidly.

Define your target market

Since the beauty products market is so diverse, you need to be absolutely clear about who your target audience is. This depends on your skin care product and what its USP is. For example, a skincare cream that also works as a moisturizer is no good for someone with already oily skin. And that is just one example — consider all the different product attributes to narrow down your target market.

Once you have zeroed in on your target audience, you need to make buyer personas. Personas mean what kind of customer would want your product. This could be people with acne, a dark skin tone who want to make it lighter, or dry skin who want to keep it moisturized.

Email marketing can propel your brand

Most business owners underestimate the power of email marketing, but that’s because they don’t know how to wield its true power. Email marketing can be challenging to pull off because it gives you just one chance to prove yourself to the customer. For starters, you need to have a captivating subject line that touches your audience’s pain points in a creative way.

Next, your email content should be compact, concise, and visual. The last thing you want is a block of paragraphs the readers won’t even bother reading. We recommend conveying your message through a poster with visuals, texts, and images. Just make sure all elements in the poster, including the fonts and colors, reflect your brand identity.

Content marketing can take you a long way

Let’s face it — most of your marketing efforts will be online, and for that, you need to have a long-term content strategy in place. That means having a website blog where you post valuable skincare articles regularly or a YouTube channel where you can post engaging videos on your various skincare products and how to use them. Just make sure your content adds value to your potential customers.

It can take some time to get steady traction on your content channels but it’s definitely worth it. The more people that visit your social media pages and blog, the better the chances of them buying your products. Marketers often spend too much energy advertising their products in blogs and vlogs, but that just turns customers off. You need to get on the side of the customer, think from their shoes, and identify their pain points. The first rule to making a sale, after all, is building trust.

Social media marketing is essential

Without social media marketing, your marketing campaign will reach a dead end. Social media is where your target audience is constantly hanging out — that’s why you need to be there and promote your skincare brand. As a skincare brand, you should definitely be on Instagram because it’s one of the largest platforms and is used by almost every big or small fashion designer or cosmetics brand.

Post URLs of your blogs and YouTube videos and insert catchy captions that compel Instagramers to check out your entire product catalog. You should take a lot of high-quality images of your products and could also post a short customer video review on your channel to build credibility.

SEO can maximize your digital footprint

Your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is crucial to your online marketing efforts. SEO makes your website and social media posts rank higher on Google’s SERPs. The more people that visit you, the better your sales figures get. But what should you do to have a solid SEO strategy in place?

First, use Google Keyword Planner to hunt for the most-searched phrases on Google. These could be “best moisturizer” or “best sunscreen brand.” Next, make sure you use these phrases in your blog posts, social media posts, and YouTube video transcripts. Keep the keyword density between 1-2% for the best results. However, that’s just one thing — you should also include strong backlinks in your blogs. If you’re not familiar with SEO, it’s best to hire an SEO professional.

A few final thoughts

The skincare industry is swarming with products, and no brand is the same. Therefore, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution that applies to everyone. You need to experiment with a number of strategies and pick out the best ones for you. Remember to A/B test every step of the way so that you can measure and track results. 


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