Mayor Bloomberg Apologizes for Stop-and-Frisk Practice

Michael Bloomberg apologized for his longstanding support of the suspect “stop-and-frisk.” Hence he apologizes for stop and frisk practice. On Sunday 17 November 2019 Former N.Y. mayor Bloomberg said, i was wrong. He embraced a police strategy before the potential Democratic presidential run. 

Bloomberg said he wants to say “sorry”; while addressing a black church in Brooklyn; he accepted his mistake. He noticed it often led to the arrest of blacks and Latinos. And he said i couldn’t change history, but I realize back then i was wrong.” It is an excellent way to win black voters heart. Hence, he knows that it is essential if he’s to compete for the Democratic presidential nomination.

So, he’ll have to win support from black voters. It is politics, and he chooses a smart way. He also knows. If he doesn’t support black voters, then he will not win in elections. However, everyone noticed Bloomberg’s this step. Because he used this strategy when he is taking steps to enter the race. While many prominent activists said, “His apology is not accepted.”

Bloomberg suddenly apologizes just for he wants to take benefits to it. Stop-and-frisk gave police full authority to arrest people they disbelieved of committing a crime. So, Bloomberg has started this strategy in 2002. At that time Bloomberg has first taken over as mayor in 2002. Then he aggressively allowed the police to arrest the blacks and Latinos. 

This program was started for black and Hispanic men. Because they want to see if they were carrying weapons. This was used for security. Then police targeted those people who break the rules. But the reality was the opposite. They were arrested people without any crime. All of that is now Bloomberg has apologized, but prominent activists did not accept his sorry. 

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