Metatime: Comprehensive Blockchain Ecosystem With Over 70 Products

Blockchain continues to be explored thanks to its great benefits and potential with more and more improved Blockchain-based technologies being introduced. Although Blockchain may have had a rough 2022, major investments are starting to rise once again for the promise of crypto platforms in 2023.

What Is Metatime?

Metatime is a Blockchain ecosystem that aims to make the use of blockchain technology accessible to all. As an ultimate offline and online investment platform built upon blockchain, Metatime provides smart apps, digital products, and hundreds of different services and facilities.

The platform is developed to fully unlock the potential of blockchain technology by harmoniously integrating it into daily life through its extensive ecosystem. Therefore, it can allow users to take advantage of blockchain technology in every aspect of their lives.

In addition, with all the profitable use cases for crypto and Web3 applications, it can be easy to focus on the business side and overlook the scientific contributions that blockchain is primed to make.

However, it’s not just businesses diving into crypto recently, academia also has a big plan for Blockchain tech. Some universities are increasingly focused on blockchain applications such as Yıldız Teknik University.

Deep Roots

Founded in 1911, Yıldız Teknik University is one of the most reputable engineering universities in Turkey with over 35,000 students and academic staff. Yıldız Teknik University is a prime example as a major and well-respected institution investing heavily in potential use cases.

They are partnering with Metatime to develop blockchain technology as they see this as more of an intellectual capital and image issue.

Under the partnership, they provided the team with an office in Teknopark, a field supported by the state for startups to develop their technologies and products.

Also, Metatime plays a role as a bridge between Web2 and Web3, it is like the Spotify of the blockchain. Not only provides access to all use cases in the blockchain industry, but Metatime also introduces new use cases with its unique tools.

The platform can take the entire blockchain world to a new standard of speed and security in the Blockchain space where idea owners reflect their dreams in the blockchain world with simple steps and easy-to-use interfaces. The team plans to deliver over 70 products by 2029.

In the beginning, their platform will include MetaChain, MetaExchange, MetaNFT Marketplace, MetaLaunchpad, MetaExplorer, MetaWallet, MetaCoin, and MetaStablecoin.

What Does Metatime Offer?

Metatime is a public blockchain-based distributed computing platform that features smart contract functionality. It provides a decentralized virtual machine, the Metatime Virtual Machine (MVM), which can execute peer-to-peer contracts using a token called MTC.

Developers will be able to build on the blockchain as well.

MetaTime aims to provide its users with many online and offline investment opportunities all in one place. It offers access to a range of financial tools, enabling users to invest in assets such as Tesla or a hotel share using MTC.

The platform is built on the Metachain, which offers fast and secure transactions at a low cost, thanks to its hybrid miners and Anthill technology. The MetaExchange offers three modules for users of different levels of experience, with no commission on losing trades. Pro traders can even trade for users.

In the beginning, the team will be functioning as a crypto exchange that has multiple add-ons such as NFTmarketplace. Once the user is in the MetaExchange they will be able to choose 3 different models according to their level of knowledge of crypto trading: Lite, Pro, and Meta.

They will have access to more than 100+ coins in the market. Also, a virtual tour guide will lead them to discover all the functions and will be informed them about the benefits and the extras the ecosystem provides

Some key features include:

  • MetaChain: is a blockchain network that has brought a hybrid mining system solution under the management of platform-independent mining control technology MetaAnthill, with the support of Proof of Meta consensus mechanism to the deficiencies and improvement points of the blockchain infrastructure.
  • MetaExchange: This exchange is designed for both amateur and experienced traders and offers three levels of usage options: Lite, Pro, and Meta. It does not charge a commission for closed transactions at a loss and allows experienced traders to copy their trades. Moreover, it is the worldwide first centralized exchange that shows in full transparency all the order logs with a timestamp so that everyone can see and track that all orders are booked in right place and there are not any trades put in after or before big moves.
  • MetaNFT: Generate, Split, hire, and/or Sell your NFT assets through the marketplace, and buy or rent those of other users.
  • MetaLaunchpad: Designed for those with great ideas for the blockchain world but without coding experience. Creating digital assets is easy with the launchpad.
  • MetaRealEstate: The team builds and buys real estate in the real world or purchases real estate properties in the real world, such as a 5-star hotel. The hotel will be tokenized and made available for purchase through MetaExchange, where users can buy a tiny or a massive share. Users will benefit from the hotel’s profits, which will be distributed among shareholders as a dividend.
  • MetaMovie: This project is a crowd-funding project in the movie industry. The system will work as follows: a director will propose their scenario and budget, the community will evaluate the project, and if approved, the project will be tokenized. Once the movie is released, the shareholders will benefit from its income. As so, if you have a great movie or series script but no budget, don’t worry. Users can participate as co-producers and help bring your script to life.
  • MetaSuperApp: Sell your digital gains, such as your achievements in a computer game, weapons, avatars, RealEstate Shares, Stock Exchange Shares, and other progress, and even convert them into NFTs if desired.

Furthermore, the MetaExplorer offers full transparency and the MetaCoin provides a convenient way to manage all digital assets from one place with the MetaWallet.

What Makes Metatime Outstanding?

To date, there is no other ecosystem like Metatime. Some of the technical aspects of the blockchain that sets Metatime apart include:

MetaAnthill technology has been developed for the hybrid mining system in MetaChain to synchronize at high speed and use the resources of the platform-independent hardware in the most efficient way.

MetaAnthill acts as a platform-independent integrated accelerator and a smart processing router that works accordingly.

MetaAnthill, which scans the device it is on at the hardware level and acts according to the configuration and available resources of the hardware, also creates the path structure of the network for synchronization between nodes. The system allows the blockchain network to be more scalable.

It minimizes confirmation times of transactions and meets millions of transactions instantly (<0.1 sec) on MetaChain. It provides pre-verification and confirmation of them as a result of seamless inter-node synchronization.

Meta Virtual Machine (MVM), on the other hand, enables fast transaction approval in addition to all the security and compliance provided by the EVM. Also, it enables fast transaction verification with its unique consensus structure and high-speed communication and synchronization capabilities between nodes.

This conceptual transformation, which is based on the importance given to developers and human-centered architecture, develops and carries forward the potential offered by EVM without creating any deficiencies by the end user.

The Future is Here

It can be seen that the Metatime ecosystem can bring you many innovative financial solutions and investment opportunities.

The MetaNFT Marketplace is a one-stop shop for you to buy and sell NFTs, while the MetaLaunchpad allows you for easy and inexpensive creation of digital assets without the need for coding.

Additionally, with MetaRealEstate, the newer generations of people like Gen Z, who are not given a great combination of work opportunities compared to the cost of real estate, may still be able to live the real estate dream.

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