Mizar Review: The Smart Social Crypto Trading Bot Platform

About 95% of traders lose money while trading crypto, mostly driven by emotion, FOMO, bad discipline, and poor trading knowledge.

Mizar has been developed to help traders be successful by providing them with the tools they need to perform well in the crypto market. If you’re looking for ways to invest in crypto without risking your capital, then Mizar might just be what you need!

Mizar Trading Platform
Mizar Trading Platform

Crypto Trading Bots Made Easy

There are many people who find trading difficult, but still like to be challenged. While the enthusiasm is apparent, the initial excitement mostly turns into an overwhelming failure. The complexity of trading makes it difficult for beginners (and not only) to understand why certain decisions should be made in one way rather than another. Additionally, when opportunities present themselves, investors have little time to make the right decisions, and we all know how costly making the wrong move can be.

For this reason, many traders have turned to systems that automate trades based on predetermined rules that are designed to achieve certain goals over time. The beauty of this system is that it allows you to focus on other aspects of life while your account automatically manages all aspects of your portfolio without very little input from you!

Mizar has developed a platform that helps you automate your trading, be profitable, and reduce your risks. On Mizar, you can create trading bots to automatically manage your crypto assets, and you can invest in other strategies to trade as a pro without spending time staring at charts the whole day.

Sounds interesting? Visit Mizar and try it out for free.

Mizar at a Glance

Price No upfront payment or monthly subscription is needed.
Payment Options Crypto
Exchange Supported Binance / Binance US / KuCoin /
OKX / Bybit / Coinbase / Huobi / WooX / / MEXC
Cloud-Based Yes
Copy Trading Marketplace of strategies
Trading Tools DCA & API Bots, Smart Trading Terminal

What is Mizar?

The Mizar platform has been developed by a team of traders, to help other investors be successful. Mizar provides you with the tools and resources that you need to perform well in any crypto market, whether bullish or bearish. If you’re looking for a way to be exposed to crypto without risking your capital too much, then Mizar could be the perfect platform for you!

Established by the end of 2021, the European-based software start-up made its presence known for the first time after successfully raising $3 million earlier in 2022.

The funding was backed by prominent entities and industry figures like Nexo, KuCoin Ventures, Huobi Ventures, WOO Ventures, MEXC, and more.

Mizar Features
Mizar Features

Mizar has been developed by a team of experienced engineers and developers who understand the needs of people like you. They have been doing this for years, and they know what it’s like to be part of a community that is passionate about the success of their investments.

Mizar has taken all the stress out of trading cryptocurrencies by providing users with an easy-to-use interface that allows them to develop and test out trading bots. With Mizar’s intuitive design, it’s never been easier to create a bot from scratch. This way users can manage and automate their strategies, buying and selling crypto 24/7, without the need to constantly monitor the markets. Mizar, with its objective of making bot trading entirely accessible, allows anyone to join with no subscription fees.

Mizar is a platform that enables users to copy other traders’ strategies. Once developed and tested, bots and portfolios can be shared through a marketplace. Mizar enables you to copy other traders´ crypto bots and reward the traders by sharing a part of your profits at the end of the month.

The platform is non-custodian, you can connect directly to your exchange account using an API. In this way, you can use Mizar to control your exchange, without your funds ever leaving your account.

The majority of Mizar’s traders have created bots that allow them to automate their transactions and process hundreds of orders every day. The site presently supports all USDT and USD pairs supported by the exchange where you’re trading, on SPOT and FUTURES.

Mizar Features

Copy Trading

Think about the Mizar copy trading marketplace as a community where traders share tactics and strategies. Strategies that perform well can be tested and used by other traders. Traders, in turn, earn rewards based on realized monthly profits of their followers. This way, both sides can generate a passive income.

The marketplace is also a learning hub where new traders can learn and visualize the strategies of leading traders and investors, and copy them for later practices.

Mizar Marketplace
Mizar Marketplace

Multiple strategies can be compared based on live performance, trader’s reputation, trader fee, as well as other key performance indicators all in one place.

Users can copy-trade the most successful strategies with a few clicks, no crypto or trading knowledge is required.  Select the exchange where you want to trade, add the total investment size, and there you go, you’re copying another trader.

Set up your investment on Mizar
Set up your investment on Mizar

Mizar DCA Bot

Dollar Cost Average bots are automated trading bots that assist investors in the crypto market and help them reduce their risk of losing money. The DCA bot will automatically trade on your behalf when the specific conditions you have set for that trade are met. Algorithm-based bots help you to trade better, with fewer errors and are less emotional like humans. The best thing is you need no coding background to get started.

Why Mizar DCA bot is good for you
Why Mizar DCA bot is good for you

With the Mizar DCA Bots you can:

  • Easily create long and short DCA bots,
  • Build up low-risk strategies and execute orders across multiple crypto exchanges, markets (SPOT & FUTURES), and pairs, from a user-friendly interface.
  • Dollar Cost Averaging, Stop-Loss, Take Profit, trailing, and more.
  • You can use technical indicators such as RSI or MACD to open new positions.
  • More advanced traders can send signals to open and close orders by connecting to TradingView Webhook or other software through Mizar’s API.

Mizar API Bot

API Bots are bots managed by self-hosted trading strategies. They allow more advanced traders to use the Mizar infrastructure to place orders in their exchanges. This way, they can focus on setting up the strategy and let Mizar take care of the execution of the orders.

Mizar Smart Trading Terminal

Smart trading makes it possible to open orders and manually manage positions on different exchanges all from one single place. With a simple and intuitive interface built on top of TradingView charting, you can use trading functionalities such as multi-entries, stop loss and trailing, and multi-take profit, to increase your chances of success and better control your risk. This feature is still under development, and it will be available to users very soon.

What you can do with Mizar Smart Trade
What you can do with Mizar Smart Trade

 Paper Trading

Paper trading is a useful feature that allows you to test the water before committing real capital. It provides a free analog and a good entry point to understand and test your trading knowledge. All users get a paper trade account by default to learn how to trade or test their techniques and strategies risk-free.

Getting Started With Mizar


  1. Signup. As a welcome gift, Mizar credits you with 5 BUSD in your M-wallet as well as $10k free trading volume, every month.
Mizar Account Signup
Mizar Account Signup
  1. After verifying your account, log in and you will be taken to the main dashboard screen where you can find the main information about your account and trading activities.
Mizar Dashboard
Mizar Dashboard
  1. If you are a beginner, we recommend you start with paper trading. Otherwise, you can easily connect an exchange account from the Exchanges page.
Connect your exchange on Mizar
Connect your exchange on Mizar
  1. To start copy trading, go to the Mizar marketplace. You are now presented with several trading strategies to choose from. You can access the strategy performance page to learn more about how the bot is performing.
Bot performance overview
Bot performance overview
  1. Once you’ve set up your investment and activated a bot, you’ll be able to check your actual performance.
Mizar Bot profit & loss
Mizar Bot profit & loss

Is Mizar Safe to use?

Mizar takes security seriously and follows different measures to keep you and your funds safe. Additionally, data security and protection of its users are at the center of Mizar’s security policy.

Mizar is non-custodial.

That means that your funds will never leave your account and exchange wallet. Your trading bots on Mizar cannot make withdrawals. Mizar is connected to your accounts through API, so you can only manage your funds from Mizar, but not withdraw them.

Additionally, you can monitor all your movements directly on your mobile 24/7, by activating the Mizar Telegram bot.

Finally, you can set up two-factor authentication (2FA) to further strengthen the security of your accounts.

Founder team disclosed

Contrary to other projects in the crypto space, Mizar has disclosed their four founding members that currently get presented weekly on the Mizar Linkedin account.

Notable Investors

Mizar is backed by notable investors such as Nexo, KuCoin Ventures, Huobi Ventures, Kronos Research, and more.

Mizar is very active on social media.

The project has a large number of followers on Twitter and many members in their Discord and Telegram group. New Members can easily browse through the post history to interact with users or get instant help from the team. The best trading bot of the week gets featured on the Mizar Twitter channel every Friday.

Mizar Fees

Mizar’s goal is to simplify cryptocurrency trading and make it available to everyone. The Mizar team is working on a new yet simple trading platform providing a fair and accessible business model that does not exclude anyone based on their resources and capacity. Therefore, no user will be obliged to pay a monthly subscription fee or fixed prices.

Mizar’s fee structure is composed of STAR levels and, in general, users are charged two different types of fees: volume fee and performance fee.

Users pay a volume fee to execute trading activities on Mizar. The volume fees range from 0.0035% to 0.075% reliant on your STAR level.

The performance fee is applied only when copy-trading, ranging from 5% to 50% based on the traders’ setup. The fee is based on realized monthly gross profits and is paid to the trader at the end of the month.

You can improve your STAR level by increasing your 30 days traded volume or holding more $MZR, the Mizar utility token, in your Mizar account. This will help you to reduce your volume fees (up to 95% discount) and get a reduced performance fee (up to 50% reduction). Let’s say your volume is $50,000, you get a 20% discount on the volume fee, compared to the first level, and you are granted a 10% fee reduction when rewarding other traders.

Here is a complete breakdown of the Mizar fees with the $MZR staking program.

It is important to keep in mind that the overall performance fee for a strategy cannot be negative in a single calendar month. In the case of a loss, no performance fee will be charged for that month.

Also, the performance fee is only taken into account when a position has been closed. The performance fee doesn’t take into account unrealized profits of positions that have not been closed yet.


If you’re looking for a platform that will not only help you make money but also offer the best crypto trading bots, Mizar is the place to go. The platform offers the latest in cryptocurrency trading tools and services for both experienced traders and those just getting started.

The Mizar team has worked hard to create an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for anyone to start trading cryptocurrencies. They’ve done this by offering a variety of trading tools that help users keep track of their assets across multiple platforms. On Mizar, you can create a DCA bot, use Stop Loss & Take Profit, split your investment in multi-entries, and manage all your crypto from a nice interface that relies on TradingView charting.

Additionally, Mizar is a copy trading platform that allows users to easily invest in a curated marketplace of strategies. This service has been developed to help users learn the basics of trading, differentiate between different strategies, and earn a passive income.

With these tools, users can easily set up or invest in automated strategies, and watch their portfolios grow while they sleep.

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